EmVee 3.3

The EmVee

Chapter 3 Part 3 of The EmVee

“We don’t have a lot of time,” Lawrence explained as he led Luda down the stairs to the basement of the inn, after Luda spent several minutes apologizing for threatening him. 

“I don’t have time to share some things with you delicately, so I need to give you a crash course. Your world is only one of many in a massive expanse of dimensions.” Lawrence left out the part about the world also being a fictional, digital creation of humanity for the amusement of people like himself. “The places I am about to take you will have things you would never conceive of in your wildest dreams. Your eyes will be opened to experiences and sights you would never believe if you weren’t seeing them for yourself.”

Lawrence watched Luda carefully, reading their expressions as he gauged their reaction to all this news. Luda did not seem thoroughly impressed by anything Lawrence had to say. In fact, Lawrence wasn’t certain Luda had heard anything he had said. Luda was, instead, mesmerized by the stone walls of their stairwell, and the echo of their footsteps in the narrow corridor. Every detail of the world around them seemed to catch Luda’s interest; everything except the words coming out of Lawrence’s mouth. The connection to the A.I. was flooding them with new and heightened senses.

I have never been down here‘ Luda signed at Lawrence when they noticed he was looking. ‘I have seen many people come and go from here and have never thought to come down here myself.’

“Yeah… yeah, that’s real amazing, Luda,” Lawrence said. He reached out to take Luda by the shoulder and direct them toward the portal. “I know you’re going to see and notice a lot of things you’ve never noticed before, but please try and focus. I have a lot to share with you and not a lot of time to share it. Are you familiar with the act of teleportation?”

Luda noded.

The high mages teach it to their disciples to allow them to travel from one end of the realm to the other in the blink of an eye.

“Yes, yes, exactly that!” Lawrence said. “I am one of those high mages, Luda. I am capable of teleporting over vast distances, and even between dimensions. I am going to be taking you to another of these dimensions and I need you to stay focused, and stay with me. Some of the places we are going are very dangerous.” As Lawrence spoke, he opened the door at the end of the basement hall and lead Luda into a large room. Luda followed him across the room to where a series of large circles were carved into a stone wall.

“Brace yourself,” Lawrence said as he rested his hand on the wall. “Things are about to get weird.”

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