Oops, I Liebstered again!

Liebster Award

Good morning, afternoon, and goodnight to all my friends, fans, freelancers, and fellow fan-fictionists!

I awoke this morning as though it were not a normal morning… because it wasn’t: I had to wake up extra early to drive my kid to San Diego for an ankle surgery. As I sat in the silent, freezing cold waiting room I discovered something that I discovered the previous day and forgot about; I had been nominated for a Liebster Award.

I knew this had happened once before, that another amazing individual (they were amazing before they nominated me, I promise) had put my name into the drawing. At that time, I had to ask my good friend, Google, what a Liebster Award was. They told me it was something people nominated people for when people thought people were super talented or worth looking into. I was ecstatic! That was pretty exciting! Someone liked my writing enough to tell others they should check me out!

And it happened again! Ahhhhhh! I’m, like, totally, like, super double excited now! I feel spurred to get some more stuff into my scheduled posts so as to not disappoint and let my readers down.

Anyway (I say anyway a lot, it’s kind of annoying I think… but, anyway) you didn’t come here to read the story of my nomination, you came here to read my response to the nomination, my answers to the questions, my questions to my nominations, and see who I nominate. So, without further…. further… ado? adieu? a dew? a dude?

Without further delay, here it is:


I would like to thank the super, duper amazing Harley for this nomination. For those unfamiliar with the Liebster, you can find the rules and origin here.

The Rules

(I just copied these from Harley’s post because I can’t seem to get the official page rules to open?)

“1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. Display the award on your post (The one I am using was found on Google Images, from Vegas Mommy)

3. Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blogging

4. Provide 10 random facts about yourself

5. Answer the questions given to you

6. Nominate 5-11 other blogs for this award

7. Ask them creative and unique questions of your own

8. List the rules and inform your nominees of the award

9. If you want your blog to be read and considered by the award’s Official Rules page, leave a comment there with a link to your post.”

ONE: (Thank your nominator)
I already thanked them, but it never hurts to say thank you again, so, again, Thank You, Harley! It means a lot!

TWO: (Display award)
It’s the featured image.

THREE: (Why are you like blogging)
I have always loved writing… like, always. When I was in Elementary school I used to sit on the floor and write Star Trek and Indiana Jones Fan Fiction. My first writing assignment was supposed to be a few paragraphs but I turned in four pages and asked for an extension because I hadn’t finished the first chapter (I was 8… 4 pages for a chapter was good). So, it’s only natural that I would continue to write, and in the modern times, the obvious medium is online blogging.

FOUR: (10 random facts about you)

  1. I was ALMOST born on Halloween.
  2. None of my coworkers know how old I am, or when my birthday is… not from a lack of trying, I just like to keep them guessing (they usually guess 10 years younger).
  3. My mental image of myself is about a foot shorter than I really am.
  4. I was so quiet in High School my classmates thought I was literally incapable of speech.
  5. A two-page story I wrote in Middle-School was published in a sci-fi magazine.
  6. I was in a local Oregon newspaper for finding a fossil on a school field trip.
  7. I created a board game called Stranded, where players take the roles of characters stuck on a dangerous island and need to find a way off. (I am Creating, I should say. It’s incomplete).
  8. My family and I accidentally started a 200+ person protest/rally in our neighborhood.
  9. I have a collection of Eeyore collectibles because.
  10. My handlebars once fell off my bike while I was riding down the street… and I DIDN’T crash!

FIVE: (Answer questions)

1. What is your favorite or strangest dessert?

My favorite is just ice cream. Specifically; Tillamook Mudslide. The strangest dessert I like is probably just rice… mixed with butter and sugar.

2. What do you think relationships will look like 80 years from now? Will they have evolved/devolved as much as they have in the last 80 years?

I dunno… probably something like the movie Surrogates, where no one actually meets, they all just have robot versions of themselves. Or… people will be a lot more open about their relationships as the stigma of having a non-heteronormative relationship dies off. Individuals in relationships will be equals, with no socially defined roles.

That’s probably pretty unlikely and much to utopian… but I like to imagine the world gets better.

3. What is your favorite fantasy race and why? (Elf, dragon, vampire, ect..)

It’s a race I created. Known as the Vdejke, they are a race descended from Dark Elves and Djinn. Later on, Orcish blood is mixed into the gene pool, which leads to the birth of a character in one of my fantasy tales; Killi Wishinwhick Van Asche. His name is actually a lot longer, as he claims it takes about 20 minutes to say in its entirety, but you can’t really trust a lot of what he says.

I like this race because they’re basically a bunch of semi-translucent, green-skinned elves who live in a massive city built inside a mountain. Men and women more or less look the same. Slavery is still in their very recent history as the current king abolished it, but there are still those bound to the old ways trying to overthrow the king and reinstate the old laws. In fact, Killi is the firstborn of a Vdejke and an Orc (the orcs, of which, had recently been slaves.)

While most members of the Vdejke are no more magically inclined than any other elven race, the powerful Orcish blood in Killi awakens the ancient Djinn powers and- … Nope, sorry. I should just let y’all read it when I get around to sharing it. (If people express interest, I’ll share it sooner than later).

4. What is your favorite thing to write about?

Zombies… LOL, yeah, seriously. I guess I like to write Science Fiction with a focus on postapocalyptic settings, or end of the world scenarios.

5. It is said that we all have a dark side, how would you describe yours?

I don’t like this question… My “dark side” has caused issues in my past, putting terrible thoughts in my head and had me do really bad things. It scared me to a point where I had to make a conscious decision; let the darkness take over, or kill it.

The darkness inside me was tied to my emotions, so in order to put it down and keep it imprisoned inside me, I had to kill off a lot of my emotions. I was afraid of the things I thought about and did/wanted to do, so I just… stopped. I stopped enjoying life a lot and I stopped allowing emotions to have any say in my actions and choices. I became a creature of logic. I was dead inside.

It’s only been in the last few years that I have allowed some of those emotions out. I’ve been very cautious and careful about it, allowing myself to feel joy and happiness. But when things get overwhelming I shut things down immediately.

6. To dance or not to dance?

Well, you can dance if you want to. I’m not a dancer though.

7. What is your favorite fashion style? Whether you actually wear it or not.

I really like the more androgynous fashions/styles.

8. Describe your life in less than 10 words

Lots to complain about, but I’m content.

9. What is something that makes your heart melt

Acid… oh, and random acts of kindness between species. Like, when someone goes out of their way or risks their life to save a deer stuck in a frozen river, or when an elephant dives into a river to rescue a person they think is drowning.

When a wild fox with its head stuck in a jar seeks out the nearest human knowing they can help. When a random cow plops its head down in someone’s lap and takes a nap. When animals play with the children at the zoo.

Just moments of pure peace and bliss like that.

10. Where do you find inspiration?

Dreams, I guess.

11. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

No. They invited me, and I went, but I pretty much just lingered around at the tree-line and watched.

SIX: (nominate others)

I’m very sorry, but I can’t do this right now.
I don’t have a very large community of people on WordPress at this time, and I’ve already nominated all of those that I’m familiar enough with to offer a valid nomination. I COULD just throw out some blog names but it would be ingenuine.

SEVEN: (Ask some questions)

I think I invalidate this section by not participating in section six.

EIGHT: (rules)

Done above.

NINE: (Share a link on the official rules page)

I probably won’t do this, since that’s mainly to participate in the big prize at the end of the year and they pick their winner by the unique and clever questions people ask of the people they nominate.

SO! There we have it. Thank you again, Harley.