R.O.U.Ses : Lochinvar 02

2020 AUG 06

Having arrived several days prior, Thrall had been staying in Mic and awaiting the return of the carriage North. They had been on their way to Lochinvar when the Carriage pulled over and said it needed to return to Dockside for an important visitor.

The carriage returned with a load of passengers who entered the Hidden Pickle. Thrall completed his shopping/browsing/eating and returned to the Tavern/Inn as well only to find all the patrons huddled in a corner listening to the door.

Questioning one of the dancers, Thrall learned of the arrival of new heroes who were offered gold to clear out the basement. Phil, the Tavern Master, suggested that Thrall could go assist for a good discount on their stay. Thrall agreed and went downstairs.

The Crew had just finished clearing the basement and were inspecting a hole found in the wall when Thrall arrived. Thrall introduced himself and explained they were sent by Phil and the Crew approved of their assistance.

Justin, Senda, Peng, and Thrall proceeded to investigate the hole, climbing in deeper, as Asher searched the basement and Nadinix went upstairs to rest.

The hole contained a long tunnel that ran around the walls of the tavern basement and continued North West. After 40 feet or so it began to open up and the Crew could stand. The Crew found themselves in a larger tunnel at an intersection.

Senda snuck forward and peaked around the nearest corner. He noticed two giant rats feeding on a small pile of stolen foods. He informed the Crew of his findings and the Crew moved around to dismember the rats.

With a choice to be made between a narrow path forward or a larger path behind, the Crew chose the larger path. This path led them to a larger chamber where they found a giant spider’s web. Thrall set it ablaze, angering the giant spiders which crawled out of the walls and attacked.

The Crew managed to take out the spiders easily enough, and just as they did they heard Asher calling from the tunnel entrance. Having finished his search and realizing everyone was gone, he had run to catch up.

Thrall informed the Crew that they were all being watched and drew everyone’s attention to a small, reddish hued face peeking around the corner ahead. When Thrall moved toward it, the figure darted across the gap and fled into the shadows. The Crew gave chase, catching up just in time to see the figure make a large leap over empty grounds. Not catching the hint, Thrall charged forward and nearly fell into a pit trap, with their foot half way off the ledge.

The mysterious figure hung back to see if they would fall, and once the trap was sprung they darted down a Northward tunnel. Thrall recognized the creature as a Gnome.

Asher noticed writing on the wall in the area the Gnome had been hiding previously, next to an overturned bucket, a brush, and a bottle of liquid. The words wrote out a riddle, which Senda read. Thrall answered immediately and the letters began glowing and spraying off ceremonial sparks before hitting Thrall with a Hideous Laughter spell.

After several minutes, Thrall stopped rolling on the ground with the giggle fits and they managed to continue forward.

The Crew cautiously lept over the pit trap and followed the tunnel the Gnome had gone, only to find it leading to a dead end. With an investigati

on check it was discovered that one of the large rocks was actually fake and easily moved, revealing a hole that lead deeper underground.

Asher climbed down the 

hole and found a short tunnel with a door. He relayed this information to the Crew and everyone followed him down the hole.

A quick inspection of the 

door revealed it was just a door with no traps. Senda, Thrall, and Justin prepared to break the door down when a voice from the other side requested that they not do that, then asked them to leave.

The Crew managed to convince the Gnome that they meant no harm and were there to clean out the tunnels of vermin, not Gnomes, prompting the Gnome to invite them in.

The Gnome introduced himself as Luda and told of how the rats and spiders had become more numerous and aggressive in the past week, and how he felt that the Rat Man was likely behind it.

The Crew thanked him for his kindness and, when preparing to leave, agreed to let the gnome tag along.

Luda lead the group around traps and down the correct path to find the Rat Man. The chamber before reaching their destination was filled with rats and Senda had an idea. He returned to the basement, borrowed a few spirits, and lit the rats up with Molotovs.

Luda proved himself useful as he threw a jar of glowing liquid into the chamber which cast the cantrip Light and lit the room up.

The Crew proceeded to dispatch the rats in the room, which all returned to life once they were killed, but died properly the second time.

After the commotion, Luda invited the Crew back to his hovel to rest for a while before continuing on to fight the Bad Rat Man.

Author: CJ Stark

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