The NecroRatser: Lochinvar 03

2020 AUG 13

The Crew returned to Luda’s hovel to rest before facing the unknown behind the door in the caves. Asher toiled about and discovered that the golden statues in the room did not seem to feel like real gold.

Luda disappeared briefly but was found to be in a secret room hidden inside his backpack. Asher closed the bag up, trapping Luda inside and taking it to Justin. Justin suggested returning the bag and letting things be. Asher did so and an angered Luda climbed out.

Justin explained that Asher is a sleep walker and must have handled the bag in his sleep. Luda accepted this, but did not return to their work.

Everyone rested.

When the Crew woke, Luda treated everyone to cheese and drinks in the morning. Senda noticed that both the water and the wine were poured from the same container. Everyone enjoyed a bit of their rations.

The Crew climbed out of Luda’s hovel and spotted another giant rat further south down the tunnel. They snuck up and attacked it, but found there were others around the corner. A battle ensued in which a lot of rats were slaughtered and Peng had his toe bitten. Eventually the area was cleared and Asher and Peng investigated a smaller tunnel venturing south.

The tunnel lead to a ladder heading upward, but the crew decided to finish what they were there for before continuing on.

The Crew found their way back to where they met the undead rats and found that the area had been cleaned up in their absence. There were no remains of any creatures, though the burn marks and blood stains were still visible.

With a brief investigation the Crew found drag marks of blood leading toward the metal door in the far wall.

Senda checked the door and found that it was booby trapped. Asher managed to disable the trap so Senda could crack it open and peek inside. Peeking inside, Senda noticed a cave room illuminated by green light, and all of the rats they had slaughtered earlier moving around and nibbling on scraps on the floor. 

Around the corner, out of view, was a green glow and the sounds of someone tinkering with tools.

After relaying this information, the team snuck into the room… unsuccessfully.

Inside the room the team found a Man wearing rat skins working at an alchemist table with a large creature laying on a table under a sheet.

Following a failed attempt at diplomacy, the battle against the Rat-Man Necromancer began.

A short while in to the fight, Asher hit the Rat Necromancer and he fell upon a lever that sent a spark into the being on the table. The creature sat upright and looked at Asher.

The creature seemed to be a monstrous fusion of man and giant rat, with some body parts being rat, and others being human. The half man half rat stood, turned, and attacked the Necromancer that created it.

The Necromancer cast cloudkill on his creation, filling half the room with a large cloud of poisonous gas. The Crew managed to back out of harms way and attack the Necromancer at range.

After a few more attacks, the necromancer fell upon his table, spilling acids and concoctions that began melting his flesh. The cloud dissipated, and the crew found the rat-man creation collapsed upon the floor.

Justin immediately ran forward and helped the creature. He assessed the being’s condition, helped it drink some water, and finally cast Cure Wounds to get him back to his feet.

Meanwhile, Asher and Peng explore a cavern at the back of the room and fines the falls lined with bottles of imported and home-made alcoholic spirits. Each member took a few bottles.

Justin checked on the remains of the Necromancer. He found a few gold coins, Rat Leather Armor, and a strange metal rod with a button on one end.

With the rat-man back on his feet, Justin offered him the Rat-Leather armor and the Crew discussed what to do with him, and how they could help him.

Author: CJ Stark

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