Spiders Of Unusual Size: Lochinvar 04

2020 AUG 16

Returning to Luda’s room beneath the tunnels, The Crew rest, eat, and examine their findings. Justin asks Senda and Thrall to take a look at the Metal Rod he found. Between the two of them, they deduce that the item is an Immovable Rod.

The Crew names the Rat-Man “Rocky”. 

When they are rested, the Crew sends Luda to check out the tunnels and see if there is anything left for them to do. Luda returns after a short while and reports to the Crew that there is still a section left infested with Spiders.

The Crew locate the spiders, set fire to their webs, and fight off the attackers. They later discover that the Large Spiders were actually small spiders by comparison to the Mega Spider at the end of the tunnel.

After a long battle, the Crew succeeds in taking down the Mega Spider. They collect some trophies from the carcass and inspect her cave.

Two bodies are discovered; a halfling male, and a human male. They take the bodies for burial.

The Crew returns to the Hidden Pickle to talk to Phil. Phil seems unaware that there were giant spiders in his basement and explains that he does not know the identities of the deceased. He does offer a hint at who the Halfling could be; a thief who was regularly trying to steal his supplies.

Inspecting the bodies further results in finding a few gold coins, two bottles of Elven wine, and some Chain Mail which no one could identify.

Choosing to follow-up on identifying the deceased and finding out why they died, the Crew return to the tunnels and locate Luda, who had opted to return to their room instead of following them to the Inn.

Luda explains that there was a thief who regularly stalked through the tunnels trying to steal wine, and that a human adventurer was hired by the fisherman to try and clear the tunnels a few weeks ago.

Remembering the ladder at the North-West end of the cave, the Crew goes to talk to the Fisherman. Upon climbing the ladder, they find that the door is stuck. They manage to force it open and find a room of death and decay; 4 bodies in various forms of dismemberment.

An investigation reveals that the cause of death for each was the same; bites and claw marks from giant rats. The Crew also makes note of the missing limbs and body parts, and connect them to the creation of Rocky, the Rat-Man they found in the tunnels.

Senda locates a hidden drawer in the Fisherman’s desk and finds a leather journal. A quick inspection of it suggests that the Fisherman was part of a smuggling group sneaking imported wines and alcohols into the Hidden Pickle. An earlier conversation with the Innkeeper comes to light and seems to confirm this. 

“I don’t have to hide my wares anymore, I can serve whatever I want with the King dead.” – Phil, Innkeeper of the Hidden Pickle

The Crew spend the rest of the day digging graves outside the Fisherman’s house and burying the remains of the dead from inside the house and from the tunnels below. Asher and Justin take the Halfling out in a rowboat to give him a burial at sea.

A few members of the Crew make note of a large ship harbored at the docks.

The Crew decides to retire back at the inn, where Phil has agreed to give them a free night’s rest, two hot meals, and free drinks for the night.

Author: CJ Stark

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