Damsel in Distress : Lochinvar 05

2020 AUG 20

The Crew returned to the Hidden Pickle and spoke to Phil. They informed him of what they discovered at the Fisherman’s House. The distraught Innkeeper kept his end of the bargain and gave the crew keys to their rooms and free alcohol for the evening. The Crew dispersed to clean up in their rooms before dinner.

Senda was the first to return downstairs. Finnian waved him over to get his attention and Senda went to go speak to him.

Finnian explained that he and his Uncle, Argrim, were trying to reach Lochinvar safely. With the King’s death, crime and banditry were on the rise and he was concerned about reaching the city unscathed. Finnian offered to hired Senda and his companions to escort him and his Uncle.

Senda spoke to the rest of the Crew and they all agreed to the terms.

The following morning the Crew realized that the carriage had left. Finnian confirmed that it had left a few days earlier, while the Crew had been missing in the Rat Tunnels below. The Crew shopped around for supplies, then set off.

After a full day of traveling, the Crew pitched camp a few miles outside the Blackwoods. Nadinix went around the nearby trees to collect firewood and found a few coins and a pewter flask. Thrall climbed the tree and noticed a campfire in the woods ahead of them.

Senda spoke to Finnian while the others were collecting wood. Though Finnian said he was heading to the capital to visit a sick father he’d never met, Senda didn’t completely believe his story. He later shared his feelings with the Crew after Finnian and Argrim retired.

In the middle of the night, Justin and Peng heard screaming coming from deep in the woods. They woke the Crew and rushed on to investigate.

Peng flew ahead and found an overturned carriage on a bridge surrounded by bodies. He relayed this to the Crew. 

Rain began to pour as they grew nearer. Senda moved ahead to check on the bodies. He noticed a number of wounds, but when he touched the body it suddenly moved. The flesh split open like over-ripened fruit and the skeleton burst from the body and attacked.

The Crew dispatched 6 Skeletal beings in total, and found a woman still inside the carriage. They coaxed her out and offered to bring her back to camp. She agreed. The Crew collected her belongings and set out to escort her back to camp.

Author: CJ Stark

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