Blood, sucker: Lochinvar 07

2020 SEP 03

Deciding that the weird room with the carved face and a summoning circle was probably a bit too much, The Crew opted to return to the Rhein’s Mansion before tackling whatever was ahead. The Crew passed through the mushroom room and Senda picked up the rusted sword. Justin examined it and read the magic on it, discovering that it was “The Undead Sword”, an eternally rusted sword that deals Necrotic Damage.

Following the tunnel in the corner, The Crew found themselves at a door. It did not seem to be trapped, so they pushed it open. The door lead to a small chamber of stone only a few feet deep. Asher found a stone slightly askew from the others and brought everyone’s attention to it. Senda attempted to push it with his sword but it kept sliding off. Finally, Senda just went ahead and pushed the stone in.

A hidden door popped open, leaving a small gap to peek through. Justin looked through the gap and discovered that the door lead to a bedroom with burning candles. He suggested they turn around and go the other way and the rest of the Crew agreed.

The Crew returned to the mansion from the secret entrance in the Mausoleum where they ran in to Alayra in the main hall. Alayra invited the Crew to dinner as guests of honor. The Crew happily obliged and went to their rooms to clean up. Later in the evening they were summoned downstairs by the house maids and seated themselves around a large feast in the dining hall.

Edmund arrived mid-dinner and sat at the head of the table. He greeted them and thanked them again for saving Alayra. The Crew had some questions for him and he answered as best he could. Most of the questions were about the family winery, and why it had such a coppery flavor. Edmund suggested it was the copper barrels the family used to differentiate themselves from others. Despite the belief that there was likely blood in the wine, Justin found it to be delicious and jumped at the offer of more.

The Crew invited Edmund to a sunlit dinner but he stated he had a full schedule and could not oblige them.

Later in the evening, Senda skimmed through the journals found in the hidden rooms under the Mausoleum. The journal he found was written by Delwyn Rheins, the father of Gareth and Edmund. He discovered that there was a third son, Lawrence.

“This is my biggest lost since Lawrence’s disappearance.”

Senda also learned of a second lab at an undisclosed location. He relayed this information to the Crew in the morning during breakfast.

Later, the Crew offered to accompany Alayra on her morning errands. During the walk to the Hunter’s Guild they asked about Lawrence. She stated that Lawrence was Edmund’s youngest brother and hadn’t been seen in 2 decades.

The Crew then offered to bless the Mausoleum and graveyards around the Rhein’s mansion to see if it would help with Gareth, in a ploy to get her into the tomb to see what they found without having to admit to sneaking around.

Alayra tended to her business at the Hunter’s Guild, handing over a letter and explaining that Gareth was in need of a final death. Afterwards, she rejoined the Crew and joined them at the Mausoleum.

Alayra noticed that the sarcophagus was empty and Senda offered to grab a candle for a closer look, pulling the secret lever to the hidden stairs. Alayra was startled and went to fetch Edmund while the Crew offered to explore and make sure it was safe.

The Crew returned to the room where they had their encounter with the undead and bloodied up their weapons to seem as though they’d only just dispatched it.

Edmund eventually joined the group to assist in their exploration of the area. He seemed to have been genuinely unaware of the hidden lab’s existence and started by the undead thing.

Edmund collected a few books and notes from the table, then followed the Crew as they “discovered” another hidden room.

While the Crew discussed the Carved Face on the wall, Edmund flipped through the journals. Asher and Justin concluded that the face belonged to the demon Pazuzu, a being known to desire a constant growth in power and to conquer his own world.

Edmund confirmed this from the journal and also noted that the magic circle on the ground was a summoning circle. He then leaned against the wall and accidentally triggered another hidden door.

Behind the hidden door came a series of groans. The door pushed open from inside and revealed three more undead constructs. Edmund screamed and fled the room, closing the hidden door behind him.

The Crew dispatched the undead constructs with only minor deaths amongst themselves. They then investigated the small Altar that was inside the hidden alcove. It seemed to be a memorial to Gareth, with a picture of the dead man and some flowers.

Peng noticed a drawer in the alter and opened it. He barely avoided a lightning spell, then wedged his staff into the small opening and opened it the rest of the way, revealing a solid gold key with a bright red ruby embedded into it.

After destroying the summoning circle, the crew returned to the mansion once more. They confronted Edmund.

Edmund apologized profusely for his actions and offered free room and board for as long as they wanted to remain. The Crew accepted, then addressed rumors of him being a vampire. Edmund assured the Crew that he was not a blood sucker and was just the victim of circumstance and tradition, as well as his own family  history. He proved this by stepping out into the daylight.

With Edmund proving himself a normal human, the Crew asked him about his brother, Lawrence.

“He’s been missing for almost 25 years. There is no evidence of what happened to him, but the popular theory is that he killed the King’s two sons, then ran away with the King’s daughter, fleeing the island.”

The night ended with the Crew considering a return to the bridge where they first met Alayra, concluding that the presence of Gareth was likely disturbing the Troll, and that Gareth may be located in that area.

Author: CJ Stark

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