Lochinvar 08


The Crew spoke to Alayra over dinner, explaining their intent to head back to the bridge where they had first met her in order to recover the carriage and investigate the situation with the Troll and with Gareth. Alayra offered the use of a second horse and the Crew accepted. The following morning, the Crew set off Southward out of town and by mid-afternoon they were back at the Gravedigger’s Rest.

Immediately after entering the inn, The Crew was greeted by the old woman, Yrena, who insisted they all have a seat and eat a bowl of her Garlic Soup. They all did so and Yrena happily accepted their company. She charged them for the night and allowed them to drink, eat, and be merry.

During the night, the rains picked up and the regular nightly storm rolled over. Justin and Asher kept watch over night. In the middle of the night the two heard a distant roaring and crashing of trees. They woke the rest of the Crew and they set out to investigate.

Peng flew ahead, using Asher’s boomerangs as a guiding light source after Justin cast LIGHT upon them, so that the Crew could easily spot him and follow him. He noticed up ahead that there were trees being knocked about as though something were running about frantically. He couldn’t quite make out what it was but it was large. As Peng was trying to direct the Crew from above, a large rock collided with him, thrown from the direction of the large being. Peng fell and hit the ground hard.


It took the Crew nearly an hour to locate Peng. Senda had a good idea of where he was when he was flying, but nobody caught a good glimpse of where he landed. Justin healed Peng and the Crew decided to return to the inn instead of pushing forward.

We need to get the carriage first, before something or someone else does. We can take care of the troll afterwards.” – Justin

The Crew rose early and made it to the bridge shortly after noon. Peng managed to find a large sturdy branch along the way that the Crew used to help leverage the overturned carriage back onto its wheels. Having done so, the Carriage began to roll away, but Justin and Asher managed to block the wheels with a branch and a rock.


Asher rode on the back of the carriage while Justin drove it. Senda drove the other cart and Peng flew on ahead as they returned to the Gravedigger’s Rest. Shortly before arriving, the Crew found large footprints running across the path. They marked the area with a stick in case the rain washed them away, then resumed their journey.


The Crew reached the Inn and handed the horses over to a halfling in the stable before heading inside. Immediately after entering the inn, the Crew was greeted by the old woman, Yrena, who insisted that they take a seat and eat a bowl of garlic soup. She stood by and waited until everyone had taken at least one bite, then went off to fetch drinks.


Thew Crew ate, drank, and were merry for the evening, then retired upstairs.

That night was silent, aside from the rain and the thunder. There was no sound of a raging troll.

Again, the Crew rose early. They had a full breakfast, then set off back towards Feygorest. The travel was uneventful and they arrived mid-afternoon. Alayra greeted them as they were passing the Hunter’s Guild, excited to see them return, especially with the carriage. Alayra climbed inside the carriage and seemed to be searching for something. When questioned, she explained that she had lost a locket on a silver chain and was hoping it was left in the seats of the carriage, but it was not.


Alayra escorted the Crew back to the Rheins’ Family Manor, separating at the gate to inform the staff of a celebratory dinner while the Crew returned the horses and carts to the stable. The Crew then proceeded to head to their rooms to clean up before dinner.


Upstairs, they crossed paths with Finnian who happily magicked their clothes clean and explained that he had been reading up on the local history and family matters. When the Crew explained their intentions of going after the troll, Finnian expressed an interest in accompanying them and seeing them in action. The Crew was happy to have him along.


Dinner was had, rest was taken, and the Crew set off again in the morning.

A few hours after leaving town, Senda slowed the Crew and directed their attention to some suspicious bushes. Justin stepped forward and insisted that whoever was in the bushes just step out and get it over with. When Justin insisted, two figures emerged from the bushes ahead. Asher managed to sneak off to the side of the road and noticed two other figures hiding amongst the trees.


The two parties exchanged words with the Bandits insisting that the Crew needed to pay them for safe passage, while The Crew insisted that the Bandits should pay THEM to not kill them.


Negotiations were weren’t going anywhere, with both sides stubbornly suggesting that they were in charge, and so Peng made the first move. Before the Bandits knew what was happening, Peng swooped down from the sky and grabbed the halfling bandit, lifting him high into the sky. The halfling screamed and wet himself.


The red headed bandit that had been accompanying the halfling yelled at Peng, demanding he put the halfling down, then threw a dagger at Peng. The dagger missed… By a lot.


Battle commenced and The Crew began to get the feeling that this little group was in over their head and didn’t really know what they were doing.


The bandits from the trees revealed themselves. One fired an arrow at Senda and missed. Another charged at Justin with a sword and shield. He was clumsy with his swordplay and Justin fended him off easily.


Peng dropped the halfling from high up, but caught him before he hit the ground, literally scaring the crap out of him. The red headed bandit scooped up the halflings bow and arrow from the ground and fumbles with it, unsure of how it really worked.


Asher snuck up behind the archer hiding behind the trees and pummeled him into unconsciousness. Senda threatened the shielded bandit with an arrow to the face, demanding he drop his weapons. In response, the bandit raised his shield to protect his face. Senda shot the bandit in the thigh and the bandit promptly dropped his weapons to pull an Ace Ventura.


At this time, a very large man stepped out of the tree line behind the Crew and smacked Finnian hard on the back of his head with the blunt side of his sword.


Peng noticed the new man first and reacted quickly. He swooped down at him and threw the halfling at him, stained-pants-side first. The man screamed in anger as he dropped the halfling to the ground.


Finnian cast Erupting Earth, sending pillars of stone erupting from the ground beneath the new man’s feet.


A moment later, a large woman burst from the tree line and charged Asher, who had moved into the middle of the road to get into range of the man.


Senda and Justin tried their negotiations again, this time with more success as the man and his children were already badly beaten before the woman arrived. They agreed to the terms to end combat and Justin promptly healed all the injured Bandits.


The Crew helped Finnian to his feet, Justin healed him, and they departed from the scene.

Immediately after entering the gravedigger’s rest, the old woman, Yrena, insisted they all take seats and eat a bowl of garlic soup. Finnian mentioned that in his study of the local history he’d found they had a big vampire problem a few decades ago and those who survived it are always afraid they’ll return… Or are still around, biding their time.


The Crew ate their soup, they drank, and were merry for the evening, then retired for the night.


Rising with the sun, The Crew traveled south to where they had seen the troll’s foot prints. They followed the trail for a while before realizing they were following the wrong way. They turned around and returned to the path.


Following the trail for a while eventually led them to the troll, which they found sleeping. The Crew waited for the troll to rise, which happened around sunset, then followed it. Asher tried to sneak closer to the Troll but unfortunately snapped a twig during a stray moment of dead silence. The troll turned and chased him back to the Crew.


As the Crew prepared for combat, something else attacked the troll. Once they saw the being they realized they recognized the figure from paintings in the Rheins’ manor; it was Gareth Rheins.


The Crew assisted the troll in attacking Gareth.


Finnian cast light to help Asher see better, while the Crew wailed on Gareth. It became evident that Gareth had a strong healing factor and unnatural speed. It also became evident that, while mainly focused on Gareth, the troll didn’t care about collateral damage and hit Crew Members when they were in his way.


Asher and Senda teamed up to create fire arrows, which seemed to work well as Gareth had trouble healing from fire.


The battle was long but in the end, the Crew was victorious. Finnian made a few attempts to put the Troll to sleep after combat, and eventually succeeded.


The Crew removed Gareth’s head and put a stake through his brain, before packing him and his corpse up and heading north.


(we expedited the rest of the game as it was getting very late)

The crew returned to the Rheins’ manor and told Alayra what had happened. Senda gave her the locket they found on Gareth’s body and Alayra gave them permission to do with the body whatever they needed. The Crew subsequently burned the body to Ash and returned it to its mausoleum. Justin blessed the area and did everything he could think of to ensure Gareth remained dead this time.


Over dinner, Finnian mentioned that he had uncovered the reason for the Feud between the troll and Gareth in Delwyn’s journals. The troll and killed and eaten Gareth’s dog, and Gareth went to kill the troll. He failed and the troll killed Gareth instead. After his resurrection, Gareth became obsessed with killing the troll and killed everyone who tried to stop him.He also surmised that he had attacked Alayra’s group because of their proximity to the troll. Wrong place at the wrong time. When he saw Alayra he fled, returning later to collect the Locket.