Tossed sallen and scrambled eggs

Lochinvar 10

2020 SEP 24

Having cleared Bridge Tower, the Crew was preparing to leave when the large guard from the lower tower chased them down. He introduced himself as Ilikan, the Captain of the Guard, and apologized for his distrust earlier. He invited the Crew to stay for dinner and sleep in the spare rooms. The Crew accepted the offer. During dinner, Ilikan thanked the Crew for their help and shared a letter (below) from Rhincor, the General of the Military. 


The letter informed Ilikan that Delwyn Rheins had fled from the capital city after the death of the King, and that Rhincor believed Delwyn likely had something to do with the King’s death. It stated that Rhincor was certain that Delwyn would try to return to his home in Feygorest, and told Ilikan to keep his guards at Bridge Tower, and to collect a few guards from Abaloop, and apprehend Delwyn if he came through. Being the only bridge across the inlet, Delwyn would have to cross there if he were heading home.


Ilikan explained that Delwyn had, indeed, made an appearance. When he was confronted, Delwyn opened his mouth and spewed a cloud of gas that engulfed the tower. The last thing any of the guards remembered was the gas, their vision going red, and then nothing until waking up a week later.

Before leaving in the morning, Ilikan requested that the Crew take a letter for him. He explained that Rhincor was on his way South with a legion to hunt down Delwyn and would appreciate if the Crew could give him the letter if they passed by him. The Crew decided to wait at the tower for Rhincor to show up, instead of traveling to meet him.


That night, a letter arrived by crow addressed to Ilikan. Justin delivered the letter to Ilikan. Before leaving, he overheard Ilikan begin to read the letter out loud. The letter stated that Rhincor was in Sallen and that a mysterious illness had fallen upon the town. The Legion was going to stay there until they could find a cure.


This revelation spurred the Crew to send Peng with the letter to find Rhincor in Sallen.

Peng eventually found his way to Sallen and managed to meet Rhincor, a giant of a man at 12ft in height. He shared the letter and explained that The Crew was concerned about the well being of the rest of the Rheins’ family, who were innocent in this matter. Rhincor informed Peng that he had no interest in the rest of the Family; only Delwyn… and Lawrence if he ever crossed his path.


Peng flew back to the bridge to let the rest of the crew know of the situation.

With this new information, The Crew decided to travel north after-all. They departed from the tower and crossed paths with a small being in oversized armor. The being was guarding a piece of rope that lay across the road. The being demanded 5 Beefs for safe passage. Senda gave the being several fish and the being accepted, moving the rope out of the way.


Senda requested the little one’s name and they responded with “Kiwi.” Justin recommended that Kiwi find a new occupation, lest he run into someone less kind. Kiwi seemed to consider the suggestion, but put the rope back across the road anyway and hid back in the bushes.

During the night, Finnian burst from his tent declaring that he had found something of interest in the journals of Delwyn. While trying to read at night, he came a little close to a candle and words appeared where the flame heated the pages.

“Lawrence, I am being hunted. The King is not what he seems. Find me in Morbhull. I left a key in Pazuzu’s Chamber. Be careful, they did not kill your brother, only locked him back in his Sarcophagus.”

The Crew discussed the meaning of the message, and with a little detective work noticed that the hidden message was written over the journal entry on the page. Since the journal entry was dated 3 weeks ago, the message must have been less than 3 weeks old.

Morning came and the crew rose and continued on their way. They reached Sallen shortly after mid-day and convinced the guards to allow them entry as Justin was a healer. The guards informed the Crew that the water well seemed to be the source of an infection going around town and Justin confirmed this after inspecting the well. The guards then led the Crew to the chapel where dozens of sick were laying in beds being tended to by a plague doctor and several chapel members.

Justin and Peng questioned the doctor and the doctor suggested an old temple in the forest may have some answers as there used to be a fountain with magical properties. Justin attempted several spells to remove diseases and curses, but none of them were successful. 

The Crew gathered some information on the location of the temple, then left the town to find it. They camped out in the woods, then continued on in the morning. With Peng in the air, they managed to find it quite easily.

The Temple was made of white marble and featured a few statues in the front yard. When Justin investigated the statues, he was struck in the back by a tree branch. Justin turned and spoke words of peace, but the tree was not responsive. Justin insisted that no one attack the tree, and moved out of its range. The tree subsided and went still.


Justin asked Finnian if he could mend the wooden statues and Finnian complied, restoring them and keeping as far from the tree as he could.

Meanwile, Senda moved up the steps of the temple and investigated the door on the left. It led to a small room with paintings on the walls. One painting featured a woman in white standing amongst sunflowers under the sun, while a second featured the same woman sitting on the forest floor surrounded by fallen leaves and bare trees. Through a door on the other side of the room were another 2 paintings. One with the woman in white sitting in a field of snow, and another with her surrounded by small forest animals as it rained. Each of the paintings were numbered from one to four.


The second room had 2 doors. One was closed and the other was cracked slightly. Senda passed through the open door into a well lit room with 3 high back chairs and a mural painted on the wall behind them. This painting depicted the woman in white holding a clay chalice to a man on his knees. The man looked ill.

The Crew checked the door across from the mural and found a round room at the center of the temple. Inside the room was a large magic circle about 20ft across, and at the center of the circle was a large pile of leaves and woodland debris. Justin moved forward to clear the debris, thinking it might be blocking energy, or a fountain. As soon as he stepped into the circle the debris pile stirred and rose, revealing itself to be a Shambling Mound.


The Mound proved to be a formidable foe as it nearly took down Senda. It successfully engulfed Senda, but Senda managed to break free. It then nearly killed Asher and Engulfed him as well, but Justin managed to heal Asher to full health, and Asher managed to free himself spectacularly.


During combat, The Crew noticed that Finnian seemed incapable of not only entering the magic circle but also seemed unable to affect anything inside it as his spells faded as soon as they crossed the Magic Circle’s perimeter. 


The Crew eventually managed to break The Mound down until it stopped moving, then cleared it away. 


Unfortunately, it seemed the Shambling Mound was not blocking access to the fountain the Crew sought.


Letter to Ilikan


I have reason to believe that the King’s death was not a natural one and that the Archmage, Rheins, had a hand in it.

Rheins has fled the capital heading south. I suspect he is heading to his home in Feygorest. Tower Bridge is the last post between the Capital and Feygorest so ignore the recall. Fill your ranks with the guards of Abaloop and stop Rheins if he comes through. I would prefer to question him, but if you can not take him alive then so be it.

I will be leading a legion in pursuit, and have sent Zyxy ahead to track him.

Good luck,

Rhincor, General of the King’s Army

Delwyn’s Secret Message

“Lawrence, I am being hunted. The King is not what he seems. Find me in Morbhull. I left a key in Pazuzu’s Chamber. Be careful, they did not kill your brother, only locked him back in his Sarcophagus.”