Lochinvar 12


Lochinvar 11

2020 OCT 16

Following dinner with Lawrence and Delwyn Rheins, the crew separated to their own rooms and rested. In the morning, they reconvened and considered how to proceed with recent revelations. The Crew planned to confront Argrim now and Delwyn agreed with this decision by suggesting that he had a large number of undead soldiers that could increase their chances of success. Delwyn then suggested using the “elevator” to return to the bottom of the mountain. He explained that the elevator was a magical room that moved up and down, and Lawrence stated that it was on the pages of August 14th in the journal. Finnian stated he was so excited to have discovered the secret map that he hadn’t bothered to read the pages.

Lawrence gifted a magic dagger (The Dagger of Silence) to Asher, suggesting it could be useful, then lead the group through the library to the elevator. An appropriate amount of time later, the Crew exited the elevator into a large cavern with giant skulls carved into the walls. A bridge over a river of molten lava lead to a hidden exit not too far from where the Crew had left Argrim. Justin suggested that Lawrence and Delwyn go invisible to avoid immediately alert Argrim.

As the Crew approached, Argrim dropped the invisibility bubble and the Crew was relieved to see everything was still present. He had not fled with all of their gear and gold. Argrim immediately became suspicious of the Crew, glancing over their shoulders to where the two invisible allies were. 

“I was hoping to avoid this,” Argrim said. He then dropped his disguise spell and appeared slightly more youthful and significantly less frail. Though Senda suggested talking things through, Argrim was not interested and decided to just kill everyone instead. Argrim raised his hand and fired a green bolt at Delwyn. Lawrence stepped in its path and was immediately disintegrated. 

The fight seemed to be going in the favor of the heroes as Justin cast Hold Person and the entire Crew wailed upon the man. As the Crew seemed to be making significant progress, Argrim broke free of the Holding spell. His eyes turned pitch black and he sprouted wings of bone, then vanished with a teleportation spell, reappearing 40ft up on a ledge on the mountainside. He raised his arms and yelled in Abyssal, summoning a 30ft Demon; Pazuzu. The demon did not seem happy to be summoned and yelled at Argrim. Argrim responded and Pazuzu seemed satiated. The giant Demon Lord turned and attacked the Crew.

Justin suggested focusing their attacks upon Argrim, still, as defeating him should un-summon the Demon. Justin managed another hold person on Argrim and Peng, Senda, and Asher managed a few long-range attacks. Suddenly desperate, Argrim broke free of the hold and yelled at the demon. The demon smiled, then turned on Finnian. It raised its hands and clapped once, then disappeared in a poof of smoke. 

Finnian suddenly cast Teleport and disappeared from view, while Argrim became silent, staggered, and fell to his knees. The Crew quickly deduced that Argrim had bypassed his ritual and used the demon to make the body-swap. 

Peng flew up and assisted Finnian safely to the ground while the Crew discussed with Delwyn. Delwyn informed the Crew of the possibility of a magical item in the north that could potentially be of use in this situation; the Magical Jar of Nomra. Delwyn explained that he traced its location to an island in the North that was used by the Pirate, One-Eyed Willow. The pirate had been known for collecting extremely rare magical items and hording them in his stash somewhere upon the island. Delwyn had intended to go there to investigate, but… he had more important things to tend to at this time. He then marked the map with the rumored location of the island and went to collect the ashes of his son, Lawrence.

Too overwhelmed by everything happening, Finnian climbed into the carriage and sat in silence while the crew made their plans.


The Dagger of Silence

A simple silver dagger with stitched lips carved into the handle, the Dagger of Silence can silence anyone harmed by the blade.

+1 to hit

1d6 slashing damage

Anyone who takes at least 1hp of damage from this blade can not speak or make any other vocalizations until the beginning of your next turn.

Author: CJ Stark

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