Lochinvar 13

One eyed willow


2020 OCT 23

The Crew deliberated on a course of actions and settled on traveling to Kissy to charter a ship to the Island. The trip back to the main road was uneventful and the Crew made it to Kissy easily. While in the coastal town, the Crew upgraded their armor and weapons. The Crew stocked up on rations and health potions, and paid for passage on a ship with several others looking to head the same direction.

The captain explained that no ships traveled where the Crew desired to go but, for an extra fee, they were willing to make the journey. Thrall negotiated the price down to almost half the asking fee.

Once everyone’s armor and weapons were ready, the Crew boarded the ship and set off. As the shipped passed under a giant Bronze statue of a Young Alistair Grey, Peng flew over and… left a few deposits upon the statue’s head. A heavy set human man in green pants and a white shirt saw this and became very aggressive towards Peng. He followed Peng as he flew around the ship and tried to throw his shoe at him. He missed spectacularly, then banged his shin on a crate and spent several minutes cringing in pain on the floor.

Asher later approached the man to support a peace between him and Peng, recommending that he talk to the birdman.

The Ship sailed across the open waters and rejoined the coast, cutting days off the coastal journey. The ship docked at Nighill for a night and let the extra passengers disembark. The Crew stayed on board and set off immediately in the morning. As they rounded the Ponburn Peninsula they spotted the island; a small mile wide island with a single, run down lighthouse at the center, and a well. It had no bushes or trees.

The captain said they weren’t going there, and shortly after they arrived at their actual destination; a small, mile wide island with a single run down lighthouse at the center, and a well. It had no bushes or trees.

When asked how he can tell them apart, the captain said “It’s simple. This one is here, and that one is over there.”

Docking a half mile off shore, the Captain gave the Crew a rowboat and negotiated his patience. Promising to stay for 48 hours to wait for them. The crew rowed to the island and climbed the sheer cliff side, cleverly using the immovable rod to create an anchor so they could climb a rope to the top.

At the center of the island was a worn down single story building with a toppled lighthouse. The Crew entered to find a dilapidated interior, with worn furniture falling apart and a thick layer of dust through the whole room. 

One the wall beside the fireplace was a riddle written in silver letters. (I forget the riddle and I forget who answered it). Someone answers the riddle and the letters spark in celebration before striking the member with the Hideous Laughter spell.

Thrall finds a staircase to the basement and alerts the rest of the crew. Everyone moves into the basement.

A quick search reveals that a half-circle trail extending from the fireplace hinted at a secret door. It took no time to find the trigger and the door swung open. The crew crawled inside and dropped down into a wide tunnel under the house.

Following the tunnel, the crew discovered the remains of a man. In his bag they found a key, some coins, and a journal hinting that the man was a treasure hunter seeking rare antiques. They also found clues that someone else had been there before them, and recently.

Further down the tunnel the Crew found a rushing river. On the opposite side of the river the tunnel continued, and there was a crank wheel set into the wall. Peng flew over the river and turned the crank, causing the flow of water to reduce and reveal a narrow bridge. Senda rushed across the bridge and gave Peng a hand in trying to turn the crank.

As the two held the water back, the other members all hurried across the bridge as well, with Justin nearly falling but, with a quick assist from Thrall, he avoided being washed down the river.

The tunnel ended in a large chamber with an Organ made of bone and a secure, stone door set tightly into the wall. Investigating the journal gave the crew a few poorly written notes of music. Asher made an attempt at playing the notes. He got the first note right, triggering the door to open just an inch, but the second note wrong, summoning a skeleton to burst from the walls and attack.

Justin took over the Organ and played a few more notes. He triggered a few wrong notes, summoning 2 more skeletons, but succeeded in playing enough notes correctly that the door popped open and the crew ran forward.

The next room was empty, except for a lever, and another riddle written in silver letters. 

The more you remove from me, the bigger I get.

Senda answers the riddle, blurting out the word “Hole”, and is struck with Laughter, as before. Peng then flips the lever and the floor disappears from below the Crew and they plummet into a series of water slides that unceremoniously dispense them into an underground lake. Setting in the lake is a large Galley ship. Someone on the ship notices them and waves at them.

“Hey You Guuuyyyysss!”

They recognize the voice as Luda, the Gnome from Mic, and swim to the ship. The Crew explore the ship and find the bottles they are seeking in the captain’s cabin, resting on one plate of a balanced scale with a pile of gold on the other plate, on a table in front of a partially mummified body on a throne. The body has an eyepatch over one eye, and a few teeth made of gold.

As the Crew deliberates on how to remove the bottles safely, Luda snatches the bottles up and offers them to Senda. “That was super easy.”

Once the bottles have been removed, the scales tip to one side, a click is heard… and nothing else happens… at least, not with the scales. One of the bottles glows a light blue and a smoke rises from it. The smoke floats across the cabin to the one eyed body and enters through its mouth. The body stirs, rises, and asks what the Crew is doing upon its ship.

Senda talks to Captain Willow and somehow manages to convince him that they are not your standard treasure hunters and are here for a noble cause. The Captain agrees to allow them to take the bottles, so long as they return them. The Terms are agreed upon and Senda shakes hands with the Captain. When Senda pulls his hand back he finds a black spot upon his hand and the Captain chuckles before returning to his seat. The Captain gives Luda a long, menacing glare and Luda upturns their bag, dumping out immeasurable amounts of gold and treasures.

Before they leave, The Captain tells the Crew of a secret underwater tunnel that leads directly to the outside of the island. The Crew finds this tunnel and pop up outside right next to their row boat. They all climb aboard and start rowing back to the main ship.


Author: CJ Stark

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