Lochinvar 14


Lochinvar 14

2020 OCT 30

Peng flies ahead to the ship and notices something very odd; the crew is nowhere to be seen, and all of the row boats are missing. He relays this information back to the crew so they are prepared when they arrived.

The Crew searches the ship but find no signs of life anywhere; no food, no personal belongings, and no signs of struggle. After some deliberation on whether to take the ship back to the mainland or find alternative means, Justin asks Luda how he had arrived. Luda suddenly remembers that Ratticus is still with their boat on the other side of the island. The Crew sail around, find the small boat, and tie it off to the back of the larger ship.

Deciding to take the ship back to port and inform authorities of the situation, Thrall takes the wheel and begins sailing. Peng, in the crows nest, notices movement on the other island that they were told to avoid. He counts a number of figures equal to the number of crew that had been on the ship. Atfer mentioning this to the others, he takes off and does a fly-over of the island. As he gets closer, the figures move towards the house at the center of the island, waving at him to follow. Peng lands and cautiously approaches. He opens the door just in time to see one of the crew members ducking down the stairs behind the bar. Again, he motions for Peng to follow.

Peng does not follow.

Peng returns to the ship to inform the crew and they decide to avoid the island all together, throwing away all of the DM’s hard Halloween work.

Unfortunately, it seems that even though they don’t want to go to the island, the ship does. Despite Thrall’s efforts, the ship steers them directly to the island. Peng tries to use the immovable rod to anchor the ship in place, and succeeds… but only for a moment as the ship pushes forward and overpowers the rod.

When the ship pulls up beside the island, the Crew do the sensible thing and crawl into Luda’s small boat and sail away. They don’t get very far before the cannons of the ship turn themselves their way and fire at them. The cannons miss, but the cannonballs float back toward the ship. The Crew row faster.

As they get a few hundred feet away, the large ship turns and begins to give chase. Senda stops rowing to fire an exploding flaming arrow at the ship. It hits and ignites the bow… but then the ship submerges underwater, extinguishing the flames. When it resurfaces, the Crew notice eyes, and a very large mouth full of teeth.

The Ship turns sharply, bringing the cannons around to fire at the Crew. Peng and Asher succeed in deflecting the cannon balls, but instead of knocking them away, the cannonballs adhere themselves to their hands. Asher, unfortunately, caught his with both hands. Peng tries to bash one cannonball against the other but misses the second blow and adheres the cannonball stuck to his hand to Ashers hand as well, effectively sticking the two together.

The ship begins to gain on them, ducking under the water every time Senda sets it on fire, and resurfacing a little closer. As it gets near, it makes a sudden lurch forward, opens its mouth wide, and seems ready to swallow them… when the Crew hear cannons fire from ahead of them. The cannonballs strike the ship in the bow and it comes to a full stop.

Up ahead of the Crew is an exact replica of the ship chasing them, except it has people on board waving them down. The Crew make a bee-line for the manned ship while the other one ducks under water again and disappears.

Back on board, the Crew question the captain about where he had gone and why he left. The captain says he was expecting them to be gone for 2 days, like they said they’d be, and chose to go hunting for rum instead of sitting around waiting. When they saw the other ship they turned around and came upon them in their situation. Thankful for the assistance, the Crew settles in and they begin their journey back to Kissy.

During the night of the second day the ship is  hit by a heavy storm. Several of the crew become ill and Justin spends his time tending to sick individuals to try and avoid his own nausea. Peng narrowly escapes becoming fried chicken at the hands of lighting, and helps the crew put out a fire in the crow’s nest. Asher plays cards and gets black out drunk, waking up the next day with a new Compass Rose pendant necklace, flirtatious glances from one of the Crewmen, and no memories regarding either.

When the crew arrives at Kissy they pay for their stable, collect their horses and carriage, and set off to find Delwyn.

Their first night camped is interrupted by the return of Piotr Lioneagle who surprise attacks Peng in the dead of night. An epic fight ensues that seems to go on for an unusually long amount of time, ending only when they both seem at the verge of death. Piotr runs off into the night, but not before Justin manages to get a hold person and pain his face like a clown.

The Crew remembers to take the elevator up the mountain and they find Delwyn in a side room off the library. He seems in the middle of work, but is happy to see the Crew has returned successfully. He demonstrates how to use the bottles, using Peng as an example. He removes Peng’s soul, then demonstrates how to return it. Each bottle can hold one soul.


Author: CJ Stark

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