Lochinvar 15

Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Aarakocra


2020 NOV 06

Delwyn happily demonstrates how the Magic Jugs function, using Peng as an unwilling assistant. He then invites the Crew to dinner. They dine and discuss plans for the upcoming events. The Crew inform Delwyn of their plan to storm the castle and remove Alistair from the throne and Delwyn informs the Crew that he has an army of undead soldiers at their command should they them.

When it comes time to leave, Delwyn explains that he is in the middle of an extremely important and complicated ritual that he can not abandon. If The Crew needs him, they need only send a flare into the sky and he will send his army to their aid. Luda chooses to stay with Delwyn, as Delwyn has “a lot of really cool stuff” going on.

The Crew leave and head back to Kissy.

Searching for rumors, Justin and Senda get roped into a Karaoke night and perform their hearts out, receiving a standing ovation and an offer to perform regularly with pay. The Crew manage to get rumor of a young blonde man matching the description of Finnian passing through, claiming to be the heir to the throne. The guards locked him in the dungeon and sent for Rhincor who is currently heading back.

Shortly after, Rhincor’s army marched and set camp outside the city, intending to return to the Capital in the morning.

The Crew go to speak to Rhincor. They share their story up to now and explain how Alistair has been using a body swap ritual to murder his children and extend his life. They inform Rhincor that the old king is still alive and had only faked his death. Rhincor asks for proof and the Crew escort him to the inn where Finnian, in the body of the former king, resides. Rhincor is convinced and spends hours talking to Finnian.

Before leaving, Rhincor expresses his desire to set things right and offers the Crew passage with him and his army to the Capital. The Crew accepts the offer and they all go their separate ways until morning.

Late that evening, a flare is shot into the sky from Rhincor’s army. Justin and Senda immediately hurry to Rhincor to inform him that they had a signal for an army to arrive with such a signal, and Rhincor explains he was summoning his ships to dock overnight so they can set off in the morning.

Peng takes flight and flies all the way to Delwyn’s hide out to inform him of the misunderstanding. When he arrives, the army has already formed and is beginning to march. Delwyn calls it off quickly and Peng flies back. 

For the sake of roleplay, Peng somehow manages to get there and back overnight and returns in time to leave with the crew in the morning.

Author: CJ Stark

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