An Epic Battle


2020 NOV 20

With the rise of the sun, the Crew are greeted by two guards from Rhincor’s army. They escort the Crew to the ship that Rhincor will be riding in. The Crew greets Rhincor and they set off across to the Island Capital City of Lochinvar. Upon arrival, Rhincor instructs the Crew to head to the Inn outside the city gates and states that he will send for them shortly. He first wishes to speak to the imprisoned man claiming to be king.

The Crew admires the marble and gold buildings that the capital city is comprised of and gradually become aware that the locals are avoiding them and giving them awkward glares… or, more accurately, avoiding and glaring at the non-human and non-elven members of their party.

Asher attempts to purchase some boots but is given an outrageous price. Senda purchases the boots at a significantly lower price and gives them to Asher, much to the dissatisfaction of the merchant.

Eventually, the Crew finds the inn that they were directed to. It is the most luxurious and extravagant building they have seen. After dropping Rhincor’s name at the front counter they are given the Noble Suite which occupies the top floor and looks out over the walls into the inner city. Close to evening, bells begin to ring from the inner city. Senda asks a local about them and is told that they only ring when the King is making an announcement. 

Back in their room, the Crew watches as Rhincor steps out on the balcony of the main palace. He seems to make an announcement but they are too far to hear. A moment later, the body of Finnian, inhabited by the spirit of Alastair, steps out beside Rhincor, and is crowned. The Crew thinks its best to vacate the room.

As the Crew is disappearing amongst the crowd of the lower city, they notice a group of armed guards rush into the inn they had just left. The Crew groups up by the docks and make a plan. They decide that they MUST take Alistair down immediately.

Asher and Peng leave on a mission to open the gate. Peng flies Asher over the wall and the two sneak around town toward the front gates. They get into a brawl with the guards guarding the main entrance, and succeed in subduing two and killing two others. They get the gate open, hide the bodies, and return to the Crew.

Meanwhile, a strange old man approaches Senda, Justin, and the others. He states that the group looks out of place and in need of a safe place to stay. Despite several comments by Senda suggesting that the old man was Luda, the old man adamantly denies being or even knowing of anyone named Luda.

The old man leads the group under the docks into a sewer, through a series of tunnels, behind a secret rock, and into a very familiar looking room. Upon arrival, the old man rips away his robes and drops the disguise spell, announcing “It’s me! Luda! I was the old man the whole time!” Much to no one’s surprise. 

Luda leaves everyone to rest and goes off to meet Peng and Asher when they return, bringing them down as well.

In the safety of the hidden room, the Crew come up with a new plan; a direct approach. They get Finnian into the castle, still in the body of the Old king, and convince everyone that the old King is still alive and therefore still the King. 

At the main gates the Crew question the two living guards captured by Asher and Peng. The two pledge their allegiance to the old king and bow when they see him. They agree to fight at their side and take down the usurper on the throne. As they approach the palace, The Crew uses the same method to gain more followers amongst the guards they cross, eventually arriving at the throne room with a dozen guards. They all prepare for battle and one guard steps forward to open the door… he is immediately disintegrated, disappearing in a cloud of dust.

“Damn… I thought that was one of them,” the voice of Finnian says in the room.

The guards on the side of the Crew storm into the room and clash with the guards defending the false King. Alistair casts a fireball that kills every single guard on both sides. Rhincor stands at Alistair’s side, doing nothing, with a glazed look in his eyes. Alistair mocks Senda when his arrows fail to strike him… then Peng Shadow-Steps across the room and attacks Alistair with the Soul Jar… Alistair rolls a fekkin critical fail on his attempt to resist and his soul is immediately sucked from Finnian’s body and trapped in the jar.

The Crew manage to wake Rhincor from his trance, then decide to put Finnian back into his body and Alistair back into his… but gagged and tied down. They also plan to immediately behead Alistair. Rhincor agrees with this plan. 

The Crew transfer Finnian into his own body, then tie down and gag the body of Alistair before pouring his soul back into his own body. Senda raises his sword and stabs Alistair through his heart.

With Finnian already having been crowned king, there was no further contest of the throne. Justin spent the next several days resurrecting the guards that died in the throne room battle. The Crew all gained positions on Finnian’s counsel and helped to rebuild the country. Delwyn arrived shortly after the fight with a young man about 12 years old. The child hugged Finnian and called him son… revealing himself to be Lawrence Rheins. Delwyn had a spare body he was growing for use in his own resurrection should he die unexpectedly, and managed to trap Lawrence’s soul before it passed on. With his skill as a Necromancer, he succeeded in bringing Lawrence back… as a child.


Delwyn and the Crew sat around the table, feasting and discussing the successful first few months of Finnian’s reign as King. They had succeeded in returning peace to the land and were on their way to a redistribution of wealth to help the poorer communities. As they were preparing a toast a loud chattering of teeth disturbed the festivities. Delwyn apologized and removed a small rodent skull from his robes. The teeth chattered on their own. He looked into the skull’s eyes, apologized again and said “I have to take this,” before standing and moving away from the table.

The room fell silent as everyone listened. Delwn turned after a moment and announced; “there is a massive army of Orcs forming in the North. They believe the time has come to reclaim their lands.”

The End