Map of Lochinvar

Map of Lochinvar

Map of Lochinvar

Purchased at Cod’s General Goods in Mic, this map of The Kingdom of Lochinvar was drawn by Cod’s son, a traveling cartographer.

The Journey:

The Crew landed in Dockside and traveled North to Mic where they met Luda.

From Mic, the Crew traveled to Feygorest, then moved on to Sallen with a very brief stop in Abaloop.

Following their adventures in Sallen, the Crew traveled to Kissy, then West to meet Delwyn Rheins. 

Following the meeting, the Crew traveled back to Kissy, then took a ship to Faymond, then around to an unmarked island in the North.

Finally, the Crew returned to Kissy, then crossed to the Capital City of Lochinvar.

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