Mini Reviews: Concrete Genie, Bluey, Sky

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Concrete Genie, Bluey, Sky: Children of the Light
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Concrete Genie

A Video Game by Pixelopus

Concrete Genie was Free for PS Plus members a few months ago… or, year ago? I have no idea; it was free a while ago and I picked it up. I had no idea what the game was about or how it played, and I was delightfully surprised!

The game follows a boy named Ash in his ventures to both recover his lost artbook pages (thrown to the winds by Bullies) and to repaint the town of Denska with beautiful magical artwork. Ash is accompanied by Genies; two-dimensional creatures created by Ash that live on the walls and help him unlock new areas.

Concrete Genie is an amazingly beautiful piece of interactive art that is usually peaceful and easy. Within the story, you avoid a group of bullies, and battle a darkness that has taken over the town, but the artwork and freedom of the game outshines the story. The bullies, by the way, get a redemption ark… which I think is just beautiful.

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An Australian children's cartoon on Disney+

Bluey is one of the absolute most adorable, sweetest, kind, and loving cartoons I have ever seen. Ok, yes, it’s made for Preschoolers, but that doesn’t change how much I enjoy it.

Bluey is a pup, in a world of anthropomorphic animals, with an amazing mother and father, and a sweet little sister. The show focuses on Bluey and her sister in their day to day adventures as super imaginationers… this is all my description, and none of those words are official. The relationship between the children and their parents is extremely desirable; I aspire to be as good a parent as Bandit and Chilli are.

Throughout their explorations of life, Bluey and Bingo (the little sister) find ways to cope with the regular disappointments and everyday problems of life, in ways that children can relate to and replicate. The show is extremely calming and will bring in a lot of laughs and childish amusement. It makes you stop and look at life with new eyes. I couldn’t help but smile when the kids were in the middle of a game of chase and Bingo stopped to take a few seconds to admire a caterpillar before screaming delightedly and charging after Bluey. Those little moments of peace and wonder are what make this show worth it.

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Sky: Children of the Light

A mobile game by That Game Studio

I’ve spoken of Sky before; because it has been distracting me from my normal posting routine. I’m mentioning it again because I have a theme in this post; games and shows that bring me peace and joy.

Sky is by far the most peaceful game I have ever played, and that is mainly because of the community of players within it. I have never met a player who wasn’t willing to drop everything they were doing and run off to help you with something you needed assistance with.

Stuck at a two-player door? Give a yell and someone nearby will drop in, help you open the door, then run off to finish what they were doing. Can’t complete a spirit quest? Give a few honks (their term for… yelling) and someone will drop in and lead you through before running off again.

Sometimes, they’ll offer you a candle, which is how you form a friendship, then they’ll take your hand and lead you to higher places beyond your reach to help you level up your wings, allowing you to fly higher on your own.

Most of the game is spent running around gorgeously rendered maps, collecting “wings,” gathering light, and reliving the memories of the spirits of fallen constellations. The last two levels become worrisome because of the possibility of losing all of the light you’ve collected. I won’t spoil the story, but the last level definitely takes a big turn from the rest of the game. 

Every item on this list is recommended for anyone looking for some peaceful downtime. If you’re looking for some kindness, go with Sky, or Bluey. If you want something beautiful, and you want to create something beautiful, try out Concrete Genie.

Author: CJ Stark

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