Mini Reviews: Raptors, Sweet Tooth, Hollywood

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Raptors, Hollywood, Sweet Tooth


A Book by C.J. Valin and Jaime Castle

Jaime Castle was a Co-Author of one of my favorite fantasy series, The Buried Goddess Saga, which prompted me to look into his other books. I found this short series, co-written with C. J. Valin, free on Audible; score!

Raptors is currently a three book series; it’s an exciting super hero story following The Red Kite- I mean, Red Raptor, the Side-Kick (don’t tell him I said that) to one of the biggest names in Super-Hero-ing, the Black Harrier.

Red Raptor, AKA Sawyer, struggles to juggle his heroic life, high school studies, and his developing social life, but it gets a bit more difficult when his superhero mentor goes missing and he’s the only one who can rescue him.

Sidekick is a thrilling adventure with just the right amounts of high school drama, super villain shenanigans, heroic fights, and a dash of romance.

The audiobook was performed by Jack Meloche. His performance was perfect for the role and suited the main protagonist quite well.

Sweet Tooth

A Netflix series based on a comic by Jeff Lemire

This show took me by surprise. Sweet Tooth had me full of anxiety and anticipation; it would make me giggle, then it would rip my heart out and stomp it into the purple flowers.

And I absolutely I loved it.

Sweet Tooth follows Gus, a boy born with the ears and antlers of a deer. He, and other animal kids known as Hybrids, appeared at the same time as a strange virus that wiped out a large portion of humanity.

Gus, nicknamed Sweet Tooth by Big Man, meets a Big Man, nicknamed Big Man, and together they set off on a journey to Colorado. Meanwhile, Aimee fights to protect the lives of as many hybrids as she can find, while Dr. Singh battles a morale struggle in his search for a cure for the virus.

This is a very well written show with great acting. It has a lot of heart-wrenching moments that had me sniffling and trying to discreetly dry my eyes while no one was looking.

Highly recommended; especially if you enjoy post-virus-apocalyptic stories.


A Netflix series set in 1940's Hollywood

Hollywood is a surprisingly light-hearted show, considering it’s about the first black leading actress in a film. Loosely based on a true story, Hollywood follows all the work and hardships involved in producing and filming the first movie written by a homosexual black man, and starring a black female actor. It is an absolutely beautiful example of why representation in media is so important. This is another highly recommended series and I am really hoping for a second season.

Author: CJ Stark

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