Northquest 4

Session zero: The testening

2020 NOV 06

Session Zero: The Testening

Durel and Tom had met previously in an alley way. Tom and Murfria had met previously at the Rowdy Raven. George and Carl are brothers. Lohengrin, being the odd man out, was introduced.

Traveling from the North, Lohengrin entered (TOWN) and entered the first establishment he found with food; The Rowdy Raven. He immediately drew a lot of attention, given that he was dressed in very fine, vibrant clothing. He found himself a seat and Durel sent food and wine to his table before approaching.

“What brings you here?” Durel asks.

“Food and wine,” Lohengrin answers, evidently oblivious to having the attention of the room.

When Durel is called away, he requests that Tom stay with Lohengrin and keep an eye on him.

Durel steps out to have a conversation wherein he acquires a quest to retrieve a Crystal Ball somewhere in the north. He will need a group of adventurers. Unsure of where to get a group, Durel steps back inside and finds that the halfling, Murfria, has joined Lohengrin and Tom at the table. Before introductions are made, two very large men enter the Rowdy Raven and strike poses in the doorway probably. They immediately notice the giant cat person, Tom, and approach.

Seeing an easy opportunity, Durel offers everyone at the table the opportunity to earn some gold for an adventure. They all accept for their own reasons; mostly for gold, some for the adventure.

Durel escorts Lohengrin to a better inn across town where they will likely be more comfortable and won’t stand out. Lohengrin settles into his room then sends for paper. He pulls ink and a quill from his pack and sets to writing introductory letters to his new comrades requesting basic information about them all. He pays the attendant a silver coin for every letter delivered, and another silver for every letter collected in the morning; paying 1 gold in total.

The morning comes and everyone prepares for their day. When Murfria steps outside to head to the bottom shelf, she is approached by an individual preaching the word of the new church of Adventurers. They introduce themselves as Felspar (spelling?) and ask if Murfria has any interest in joining them. Murfria informs Felspar that she is currently heading to an appointment but will be happy to discuss with them later.

Murfria meets Lohengrin and Durel at the Bottom Shelf. They are joined shortly after by Tom, then the Twins. They all enter together and are greeted by (Test Lady) who explains that they are to be tested with a simple task; retrieve a bottle of Elven Wine from the cellar. The Crew is shown to the door and given no further instruction.

Tom notices something odd about the door and realizes that it is trapped. He makes an attempt to disarm it but is unsuccessful. Lohengrin moves forward to make an attempt, but George body slams the door, busting it in, and narrowly avoids being punched by a Boxing Glove on a spring.

The door opens to a wine cellar lined with shelves and numerous dusty bottles of wine. One bottle immediately stands out as being free of dust and George, Carl, and Tom move to investigate it. While they’re discussing the bottle, Murfria, Durel, and Lohengrin search the rest of the room. They notice tracks in the dust of the floor that suggest a hidden door.

George suddenly pulls the wine bottle off the shelf and triggers a hidden mechanism that opens a secret door. The Crew move through the door.

Through the door is a hall and a chamber where a lone man stands guard with a club of sorts. There is some debate about whether they are intended to harm anyone during this test and conclude that since they were not instructed not to harm anyone, that they were to treat the mission as though it were a real life situation.

Durel shoots the man with a Magic Missile. 

The man cusses and drops his bat. Lohengrin immediately suggests to the man that he allow them to pass, and the man does so, happily stepping aside.

The other end of the chamber has another door. Tom investigates it and finds another trap. He manages to unlock the door, but in doing so, he accidentally triggers the trap and is inflicted with a poison that knocks him unconscious. Lohengrin checks on him and determines that he is alive and well, but sleeping. George and Carl take the opportunity to pet Tom to their hearts content.

The door leads to another hall. Half way down the hall is a second door, which George wastes no time in busting open. It seems to be an office of sorts with nothing immediately standing out as important. Passing by the room, Lohengrin crosses two armed skeletons. He backtracks and tries to discreetly draw the groups attention. Durel notices and raises a hand. A moment later he suggests that the skeletons are not real.

Murfria suddenly snatches the wine bottle from George while he’s distracted petting the unconscious Tom. She inspects it, realizes it’s elven, and hands it to (Test Lady) before heading back upstairs. Durel and Lohengrin are both surprised to find that the Crew had already collected a bottle of Elven Wine, but had not mentioned it. George and Carl carry Tom back upstairs where (Test Lady) and Durel step to the side to have a conversation. It seems that (Test Lady) put the test together so Durel could assess his new team. Durel is unimpressed, but believes there is potential.