Notes from Lohengrin 004.5

2021 MAY 08

Travel Notes by Lohengrin Van Asche VII

Part Four (B)

The rest of the day did NOT involve normal-sized things!

No, we barely managed 3 hours of travel before being stopped by GIANT HORNETS!  Dragonbait charged ahead with Bobalberry uselessly yanking at his reigns. I guess the giant Chameleon is fond of giant insects. I did see it eat two of those giant fire beetles last night.

We made very quick work of the hornets. Our team works very well together; except for George’s brother. That man is strange. He sits in the wagon all day laughing like a madman whose eaten far too many mushrooms. I think it is commendable of George to take care of such a special needs sibling, particularly whilst amidst an adventure.

Around midday, we pulled over when Murfria noticed a monk charging up from behind us. They stopped and introduced themselves as Shedad; a Monk on their way to DungeonVille to seek a master. I collected their story and acquired their autograph for authenticity, then we continued onward toward Crump Castle.

Just outside of Crump Castle we were swarmed by a group of children. They seemed poor but in good spirits. I gave them each a gold coin and they ran off to a group of thugs. The thugs seemed ready for action, but when they saw who we were, they reconsidered and averted their gaze.

Inside Crump Castle, we found a group dancing in the street. I could not help myself and I joined them. They eventually went to the tavern, but the rest of my party was ready to leave. It seemed like a good opportunity to collect stories and information, but I left before I was abandoned. We continued on to Middleton, just up the road. The guards outside were collecting entrance fees. It seems my party does not agree with paying their fees and taxes, but I am a law-abiding citizen and I paid the toll for them.


My magic continues to grow more powerful, to a point now that is beginning to scare me. I did not even mean to cast a spell, but I somehow put one of the guards to sleep at the gate. I tried my best to rectify the situation and offer my help in waking him. Again, my party tried to continue on without me as I was helping the guard. I left my water skin with them and hurried to catch up.

I think I should meddle less in the arcane and leave the spell casting to Durell. I am too powerful and I lack control.

We finally reached Middleton, where there is only one inn. It is not a very good inn, but it will suffice. Durrell when to stay at the brothel. I would not have taken him for such an individual, but I guess I do not know him very well. Later in the evening, Durell sent word that the entire party should abandon their rooms and taken up residence at the brothel.


I initially refused, but everyone else agreed and I will not not be a team player. The staff here has been surprisingly accomodating. I will have to rate them well at the next adventuring guild I find.

I look forward to a restful night after such a long journey. As we are inside a city, I can’t imagine I will be accosted in the night.


(Hastily written words continue at the bottom of the page. They are clearly of Lohengrin’s hand, but rushed with no concern for neatness)

I have been nothing but kind and helpful to them and they SEND SOMEONE TO RELEASE THEIR BLADDER UPPON ME IN MY SLEEP?! 

I have followed these people into battle! I have utilized my healing magic for them! I have offered my knowledge and guidance as best I know how and they torment me as I rest?! I understand jealousy, but this is a whole new level.

What would Sir Locke do? He would likely shrug it off as something beneath him and devote himself more to the task at hand.

Very well. If I am unliked by these people then that is no concern of mine. I was hired by Durell, and he is the only one I must please. Time to put on my Narniana Jones hat and begin to ask myself… WWJD… What Would Jones Do.

(Further down the page is a short list in letters so small they are barely legible)

New Hat/Outfit
New Journal
Alchemist’s toolkit
More Ink

How would I look in adventurer’s leathers?

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