Northquest Part 006

2021 JUN 05

Tom's Tall Tales

Northquest Part Six

Guest writer: Tom Fuleri

After yesterday’s excursion into this buried dungeon and nearly releasing a horde of undead, we took preparations for the upcoming day. There are four gates that are currently locked with what seems to be a timer. I had set tripwire in front of those doors. A set of stairs led to a locked door filled with undead creatures. Those stairs were also a trap that caused one to slide down. Lohengrin made it so they were permanently set as a slope to keep the undead from coming up if they ever were to escape that room.

Thank goodness George had found that button to turn off that painful… noise? I couldn’t quite hear it, but I felt it in my head. It was like a jabbing pain in my skull. It made it difficult to concentrate. Though it seems to be gone, there may be some lingering side effects – it kept coming and going in a pulsing wave (I hope it goes away soon). Upon closer inspection to where George had pressed the button, I had found another unseen switch on the opposite side that made the fog go away.

Those wisps showed up again and revealed on the far end of the room more secrets. The fresco isn’t actually there. Behind it is a wall of ice some odd feet back. I wonder if that is the source of the coldness I feel whenever I get near it.

Thankfully we were able to get some rest before one of the doors opened. Inside were some snowmen and a crate with a crossbow on it. I was so caught up in the craftsmanship, I failed to notice the thin line attached to it, let alone Lohengrin sneaking up on me. He startled me and asked what I was doing. I wish he would stop doing that whenever I’m inspecting things closely.

Upon lifting the crossbow for inspection, it pulled the string setting off the trap within the crate. It fired a bolt at the closest snowman causing it to turn around and come alive. It had transformed into some sort of giant ice creature. I had nearly died while we fought off that being.

After defeating that frosty beast, the illusory of the other snowmen disappeared caused by the growing brown mold. Durell burned the mold away revealing an empty hallway. Lohengrin and I searched for any hidden markings down there and found a small slot in the wall. I placed a dagger in it and it opened up a doorway down another hall. It’s helpful having another set of keen eyes. Lohengrin had spotted a trap in the floor.

Once we felt that it was safe to cross, I had George hold onto a rope that was tied onto me. If the trap were to still somehow work, then at least I wouldn’t fall without a means of getting up. I went ahead and found a false wall. I couldn’t get it to open, so after switching places with George so he can pry it open and switch back again, I tried to pick at the door that was behind it.

Lohengrin must have tried to sneak up on me again because all I heard was something give way and him yelling as he fell… into a pit of undead. I turned around and tossed my end of the rope that thankfully George had still been holding onto. I’ve never seen a man move so quickly to get out and I thought I had fast reflexes. It was beyond cat’s luck to escape such a dangerous peril unscathed as he did. It helped that Durell kept them at bay with a fireball, as they attempted to climb up after him.

I heard Thorne speaking in an odd tongue, but ignored him as was busy unlocking the door and looking for traps on the other side. It seemed all clear except for a dozen or so thick planks. I had started laying them across the gap with the aid from those on the other side to help form a bridge. I doubled up on the planks in hopes that they will hold some of the heavier adventurers among us.

Further along we were attacked by magical armor when Lohengrin went to inspect it. A few blows were traded, but a shield bash from George took care of that. This odd creature came out of nowhere. Turns out the giant bug eats metal at the cost of my rapier. As it ate my sword, I heard a little girl scream and a large clanking receding from us behind me. Luckily for the crew-

(The last word on the page turns into a long line that continues to the end of the page. There is a leaf print pressed into a corner, a smear like a whiskered face dragging across the page, then a familiar, terrible handwriting continues for the rest of the page.)

Lazy cat man fall asleep before he finish his journal, but Bobalberry assist. Little girl was big man, afraid for metal armor. Bobalberry does not fear rusty bug. Bobalberry does not wear metal. Rusty bug is easy to defeat.

We move to next room, find treasure chest. Treasure attacks, but we put it down. Someone calls it mimic. Doesn’t look like mimics, looks like gold. Funny man and little girl screamer make deal with mimic to carry stuff. We find food in hole and people think it good idea to eat. Bobalberry agrees.

Author: CJ Stark

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