Northquest Part 007

2021 JUL 17

Northquest Part Seven

We decided to return to the main chamber to camp out and wait for the next door, but as we approached it’s doorway Tom and I heard something shuffling about. Whatever the sound was, it seemed to be moving away from us; or, keeping a distance from us. We managed to get an idea of its location and I cast Glitterdust, exposing what appeared to be an invisible skeleton. George burst forward and smashed it into powder with his shield… He must have hit it pretty hard because the thing exploded in a burst of fire.

We decided that the main hall was not the safest place, considering the recent exploding skeleton, and return to the cell at the end of the first wing. We lock ourselves in the cell to keep out whatever else may try to come for us.

In the middle of the night, a strange shadow attacks. Murfria makes swift work of it. It was such a brief encounter that I didn’t even wake for it.

Later, several of those glowing lights appear. The glow of their light seems to illuminate hidden secrets, such as a series of invisible Magic Mouths on the walls. A few of the pesky Red Caps come by to mock us as well. Bobalberry seems to be trying to make friends with them.

When morning comes we pack up and move back to the Main Chamber. We arrive to find that the door across from us has opened. I checked for traps while the rest of the group is arguing about what to do. I must have missed something because even though I saw nothing, I’m still struck with a knockout gas when I try to pass through the door way. I don’t remember being covered in Chili and Cheese sauce, or being nearly eaten by killer worms, but Durrell and Tom assure me that I was. I woke perfectly clean, and we continued on our way.

Just past the doorway’s entrance is a curtain blocking our view. Tom checks from one side and I check from the other. I can see a glyph on the wall in an alcove just on the other side of the curtain. As soon as I see it a large troll appears in the space. I calmly inform everyone that it would be a good idea to back away and stay quiet. The troll gets its ass handed to it and it decides to run away from us instead of fight. It stomps down the hall, tearing through a series of other curtains, triggering two more summoning glyphs.

Acting quickly, Thorn casts a web spell in the hallway, blocking the path for an Owlbear and a Grell that suddenly appear. I cast silent image to create a wall at the end of the web, hoping they won’t even try to pass our way. It seems to work.

Durrell casts invisibility on Tom so that he and George can move ahead, hacking through the web to get Tom close enough to the glyphs that he can destroy them with the dagger we found.

To Be Continued

Author: CJ Stark

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    1. The map was created by the DM about 30 years ago! This campaign is older than I am 😂 I am honored to get to play in it.

      The rest of this campaign and the others we’ve played (including Lochinvar, the campaign I DM’d) are in the menu of my site 😁

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