Northquest Part 008

2021 AUG 14

Northquest Part Eight

After removing the summoning glyphs, Tom and I advance around the next corner. We find another Magic Mouth on the wall and another curtain.

(I forget what the magic mouth says), then the curtain opens by itself to reveal what appears to be a multi-purpose workshop. Tom notices some moving boxes stacked in the middle of the room, but I’m distracted by a number of magical auras. Thinking the boxes to be more mimics, the Crew takes initiative and attacks. As the boxes break a metal construct is revealed from inside them. It attacks and a real battle begins.

Shortly after the fight begins, more constructs rise from the pits of hell, I assume, and march in from the back door. Walking talking dolls, dogs, armor, and various other monstrosity join the fight. Despite what everyone says, I most certainly did not squeal loudly and jump onto the nearest table.

Durell Fireballs the little monsters, but they manage to survive… mostly. Bobalberry gets into a fight with a silver snake, while the rest of the Crew takes out the swarm of other creatures.

We are inevitably victorious and spend a few minutes examining the room. It has everything needed for alchemy, as well as metal and leatherworking. I immediately go for the bookshelves to find anything of interest. While searching the bookshelf I discover a secret door. I pop it open, step inside, and immediately recognize that I had made a mistake. I managed to get out before triggering any of the traps; a series of glyphs on the wall that triggers when read.

I close the door.

We examine the room where the monster toys came from to find a heavily trapped magic door. I send my unseen servant to try and open the door but it cannot. Thorn summons a horse to try and kick the door down, but it triggers the magic trap and explodes in a frozen cone of ice. We stand around the corner while Tom tries to disable it. He disables it, but not before triggering the freezing ice wave. Fortunately, Tom manages to dive out of the way, or he would have been a… CatSicle…


George comes around to try and force the door open, but closer inspection reveals that the door…. is fake. It’s just a wall.

We decide to return to the hidden room to see if we can disable the summoning circle I noticed in the middle of the room. I tried to read the symbols on the wall but couldn’t. We discovered that the door gives anyone who passes through the ability to read and decipher magic, allowing them to read what is on the walls. I step through backward to gain the ability, then exit the room, turn around, and manage to see the glyphs before the spell wears off. One wall is a fire wall that summons a wall of fire to murder people. One wall has a fear glyph that strikes fear into people, and the third wall is a Sepia Snake Sigil, which effectively paralyzes people. 

We set up camp in the workshop and prepare for the third day.

Author: CJ Stark

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