Northquest Part 009

2021 AUG 28

Northquest Part Nine

The third door opens just as we all begin to stir. We heard footsteps in the distance so Tom went ahead to check the main hall. He returns, running, with a group of skeletons behind him. George smashes the one first skeleton, and much like the one from the other day, it explodes. The crew makes swift work of the others, but we hear the very distinct sound of many more steps in the distance. The entire hallway flooded with more skeletons as far as we could see. We prepared for a long battle… then Bobalberry just fucking exploded them all. All of them.


I have a new respect for that salad.

Of course, the massive explosion caused the ceiling to collapse, but still, a tiny little salad defeated a horde of exploding skeletons.

We thought we were trapped, but it turned out that all the collapsed rubble was illusionary and we just walked through it.

Back in the main hall, we discovered that the third door was, indeed, open… and that it led nowhere. It was just a small 10×10 storage room.



The wall, like the rubble, is illusory, so Tom and I move through to investigate beyond it. The next area is just storage for skeletons, and there is another illusory wall that led to a small area that triggers another summon spell and suddenly we were facing two giant Ogres. The Crew lured the Ogres into the main hall, boxed them in at the doorway, and took them down. Durell cast Invisibility on Tom and he went to go destroy the summoning circles… But, of course, he triggers them again and we had to fight two more Ogres. Tom managed to remain unseen as George lured the Ogres back to the main hall again. We kill the ogres as Tom destroys the glyphs.

It had appeared as though we had reached a dead-end until Tom discovered one of the walls was wooden, not stone like the rest. He put a hole in the wall to peek through to the hollow space behind it. I wasn’t aware that Tom was standing there peeking through the hole, since he was invisible still, and accidentally headbutted him trying to get a peek. It turned out that another summoning circle was on the other side of the wall and a Grell appeared. 

The Grell paralyzed me before I could react, and I got Hentaied. After taking enough damage, the Grell agrees to peace and lays me gently upon the ground, and hangs out until the summoning expires. Tom finds the circle and destroys it. Tom, George, and Murfria break down the wall, and the other wooden wall behind it, while Bobalberry keeps Dragonbait from eating my head. 

While the Crew was distracted pulling down the next wall, Durell… Kissed me. As I lie there, paralyzed, and can’t kiss back! Gah! 

Bobalberry decided to step up and take my place as a secondary trap checker. He doesn’t seem to do well, though, since he keeps pointing at every little divot and rock and calling it a trap. Tom, fortunately, manages it without me. In fact, he even managed to pull Bobalberry off a pit trap when he walked across it. Bobalberry was simply too small and too light to trigger it.

Something at the bottom of the pit trap captures everyone’s attention and they seem to have a long debate on what they’re seeing down there. From what I can hear I’m pretty sure I know what it is, but I can’t say anything! Nothing in existence can be as torturous as knowing something no one else knows and being unable to tell them!! GAAAH!!

Anyway… Around the final corner, the Crew finds a kitchen, which seems to be haunted. A ghost of some sort attacks Murfria, just as my paralysis wears off. I cast Glitterdust, but whatever is manhandling Murfria must be incorporeal because the dust doesn’t stick.

Someone notices writing in the dust on a table and they manage to open communication with the spirit. The spirit releases Murfria and we have a conversation. It turns out that the spirit belongs to the former chef of the kitchen who was murdered by (Eumond?). He wants to kill (Eumond) and burn this entire dungeon to the ground. We agree to help if we can.

In the back of the kitchen we find a magic mirror. Whatever is reflected in the mirror seems to appear to be significantly older, even dead. Some members of the party appeared to be skeletal versions of themselves, or slightly older, or, in the case of Tara, non-existent. The mirror is a big puzzle that I can make nothing of. I feel that it has some significance… why would this be in a kitchen?

A series of chests in the back contained a number of supplies. We took what we needed.

To Be Continued

Author: CJ Stark

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