2021 JAN 30

Travel Notes by Lohengrin Van Asche

Part One

Dear Mother,

This morning I woke and was pleased to find that the group that had hired me on as a traveling companion was still present. I rose early to collect a new pair of gloves from the market, and to greet a new addition to the group. This new member seems to be some sort of sentient plant that calls itself Bobalberry, and it rides a giant Chameleon. Crazy, I know! I thought things were strange enough when I teamed up with an anthropomorphic feline! But I assure you, things get even more strange! 

We set out in the early morning hours, traveling North along the road I had come in on. For some reason, the group has decided to walk instead of hiring a cart or horses. I hope these shoes can handle the stress of travel. I may need to purchase more durable shoes when we reach Middleton. Just outside of town, one of the brothers, I believe his name is Carl, revealed himself to be much more than a simple wizard when he transformed from a simple man into a black blob of sludge with a significant number of eyes. I was initially put off by this, but I recalled a story from the Adventures of Sir Loche of Holmes; specifically from the Hound of Baskershire, where it became evident that the demon haunting the Shire was actually a man wearing a creation known as an Eidolon.

It was not long into our travels that we had our first encounter. I was rather excited about it as I have been longing for an opportunity to show my skill set, ever since Durel questioned my usefulness. We crossed paths with a human knight leading a cart full of Goblins. They came to a stop and we approached. Durel took the lead in the conversation, as I became distracted in observing the Goblins. It came to be that the Knight was leading a group of refugee Goblins, seeking a place to help them settle. We offered some gold to help get them situated wherever they wind up, then the Knight requested that we take one of the Goblins off his hands. It seems one of the Goblins has aspirations of being a grand adventurer. The plant creature, Bobalberry, accepted the offer before we had a chance to discuss it. Durel overrode Bobalberry and stated that we needed to discuss the decision first. We all agreed to accept a new companion and so, a Goblin with a Giant Bat mount joined us. 

That’s right, the Goblin gets to fly on a bat while I dirty my shoes in the mud.

Now that I think of it, the plant creature is also riding on a Giant Chameleon.

A short while after meeting the Goblins we came across a wagon on the side of the road. It had a massive barrel of ale on the back with a dozen or so folks enjoying the contents. As we approached we noticed a man bound, gagged, and tossed aside into the bushes. Murfria went to check on the man while the rest of us approached the group. The men were ridiculously drunk and did not seem to notice as Tom, the Cat, snuck around stealing their weapons. It was a truly marvelous demonstration of his skill as a thief – right up until he was caught.

When a fight broke out between Tom and the man who caught him trying to steal his dagger, Carl revealed himself and used his horrifying visage to strike terror into the swarm of people. The drunken men all fled into the woods: all except the one fighting Tom. I decided to assist Tom by using an Itching curse I had once read about. The spell seemed to have done the trick as the man was distracted and easily taken down. Murfria joined us after having untied the rightful owner of the cart. The man did not seem vengeful and let the last of the bandits free.

As an offering of thanks, the cart owner offered us all we could drink from his ale. I, of course, declined the offer. I know better than to travel when inebriated, so you need not worry, mother. 

(Incomplete, need to update with following encounters)

(Man in boat with necklace in bum)

(Man with broken cart wheel)

(Two guardsmen taking a break on road)

(Garlic vendor and magic horned bunny wabbit)

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