Notes from Lohengrin 002

2021 FEB 13

Travel Notes by Lohengrin Van Asche

Part Two

Dear Journal,

We woke with the sun, had our breakfasts, and continued our journey. I am very tired as I write this now, so I am going to keep it short.

It seems at some point in the night, Karl left us and was replaced by a man named Thorn who looks exactly like him, but a tad slimmer. Despite there being three of them, the siblings all insist that they are twins, not triplets.

We had only just set on our way when we were confronted by a small Sprite. She introduced herself as Eveningstar and said her real name was the Fairlight word for Butterfly. I’m not familiar with the Fairlight language (yet), but I read a book in Sylvan once (The Valley of Fey, a Sir Locke Adventure) and they used Papillon for Butterfly. I was about to speak my answer when Durel beat me to it. He suggested the word Papillon, and Eveningstar confirmed this to be correct.

Damn that Durel. I have studied language my entire life and he beat me to the answer by a lock of silky smooth raven black hair.

Eveningstar had a request for us. She informed us that there was a grovel of Kobolds in the area that had ransacked a Fey village. They were robbing, stealing, and terrorizing the locals. Eveningstar asked us to take care of them and offered us a sword in exchange. The group all decided that it was our duty as noble adventurers to squash these tiny tyrants and end their reign.

We found a group of six Kobolds a few miles south of where we met Eveningstar. We engaged them and found them to be a sturdy group. George took on two by himself while Tom and Murfria tried to take on another three, and one of them must have fainted at the beginning of the battle as it just slumped to the ground.

I am not a fighter, but I am very observant and have extensive knowledge of anatomy, so I did my best to relay helpful information to the others. Despite all of our efforts, the enemy did not seem to be taking any damage. It took Tom and Murfria a very long time to dispatch a single one of their numbers, as their blows all glanced off the Kobold’s flesh without harming them. Durel eventually noticed that the resilient Kobolds had magical auras about them. We had to change our tactics. I attempted to put one to sleep with a spell I read about, and it seems to have put three to sleep instead. This spell is more powerful than I anticipated.

When we reduced their numbers to one, I attempted to communicate with it and suggested that it surrender. It dropped its weapon and was lowering itself to the ground when George tackled it. Tara, Murfria, and Tom set about tying up the sleeping Kobolds as we tried to get some information out of the one left alive and awake. We managed to get that they had stolen from a Gnomish village, before we realized that Thorn and George were slitting the throats of the sleeping Kobolds. Durel had some words with them, explaining that he was the one hired to complete this mission and that he hired the rest of us, meaning he was in charge and decisions about slaughtering prisoners should go through him.

As he was explaining this, Dragon Bait ate one of the bodies, despite Bobbleberry’s protests.

Bobbleberry managed to pull a few items off the body before the large Chameleon gulped it down. Bobbleberry gave these items to Durel. One of the items, a wand of stone skin, explained why we had such a hard time taking them down.

We returned to Eveningstar with a head of one Kobold, and true to her word, she gave us a sword.

The group said their goodbyes to Eveningstar and we continued towards Middleton.

We did not get very far.

Tom noticed something shiny off in the grass and went to investigate it. George followed him. As they approached the shiny object, a giant insect-like creature burst from a hole nearby. I recognized the creature from one of my books, Narniana Jones, where he fought a giant half-cockroach half-mantis called an Ankheg. Tom and George attempted to get away, but George was too slow, so they were forced to confront it as the rest of us rushed to assist.

We had just toppled the Ankheg when a second Ankheg burst from the same hole and required further effort. It took us the better part of half an hour to take them both down.

When the threat was removed, we investigated the shiny thing and found it to be the armor of the patrol guards we had encountered the previous day.

We are now taking a brief rest. It is only noon, so we still have half a day of journeying to do.

I anticipate an eventless second half to our day.

Author: CJ Stark

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