Notes from Lohengrin 003

2021 APR 10

Travel Notes by Lohengrin Van Asche VII

Part Three

Dear Journal,

The second half of our day has not been as eventless as I had anticipated.

It has only been a few hours since my last entry, but I feel compelled to write twice on this day as so much has come to pass!

A few hours after our encounter with the Ankhegs we crossed paths with a group traveling South. We politely moved to the side, but one of them took interest in Tom and was for some reason compelled to fight him. I can only assume it was because Tom is a Catfolk, and this stranger seemed to be of a Ratkin tribe. Tom accepted the man’s challenge and they exchanged blows for a while. I tried to offer a few words of encouragement but backed off when Tom drew his sword. I turned my attention to a few of the other travelers. It seems they were traveling merchants from Middleton, heading to Alfaelton.

The fight ended in a draw after neither of the two seemed able to hit or harm the other, and we continued on.

Several miles passed without incident. We met some men fishing in a boat, surrounded by electric eels, but concluded that if they weren’t wise enough to come ashore on their own then we weren’t going to be able to convince them, and we left.

We took a break for a late lunch, we were approached by a group of strangers. They were very well dressed and armed as proper, prepared adventurers should be. Thorn recognized them as a local adventuring group from his hometown of Konigsbourg. The group introduced themselves as Power and Station, and confirmed they were from Konigsbourg. With only one exception, everyone in the group was a Bard! We accepted them to join us around the fire and we started up a drum circle. When I asked if they had a spare drum, one of them offered me a small harpsichord. I was elated, as I do not know how to play the drum, but I have had some experience and training with stringed instruments before. In fact, I noticed that the Harpsichord was a bit out of tune and fixed it for them. They were all quite impressed.

(Several pages about Power and Station later…)

-so I wrote everything they told me down, and then acquired their autographs.

Oh, it also seems that Power and Station are on the same quest that we are, to recover the lost crystal ball. They shared a little information with us before we departed and continued North.

We managed another few miles before I caught sight of what appeared to be a statue by the river. That in itself isn’t bothersome, but I was sure I saw it move before becoming very still.  Durel recognized the statue from local legends and identified it as Waterwing, a gargoyle known to the area. According to the stories, it killed mostly livestock, but it had also taken the lives of a few citizens. It was argued that if the gargoyle is a potential threat to travelers then we should probably take it down to protect the roads.

We also decided to wait for Power and Station to catch up and ask for their assistance in the possible battle.

(Another page about Power and Station later…)

When Power and Station caught up to us, I approached them with our plan. I informed them, also, that my group without a name is not well known for their planning and tend to fumble about instead of adhering to advice and tactics. Their group was happy to join and assist us as needed.

Fortunately, their assistance was not needed. We sent a group to approach Waterwing as Thorn, Durel, and I made attempts to communicate with it in various languages. Though the creature was unresponsive to all attempts to communicate, it also did not attack. We decided that the creature seemed peaceful and only acted in self-defense against foolish adventurers. Thorn offered it some rations, and in exchange, the Gargoyle gave us an early warning of the incoming Kobold aerial troop.

A mile or so south of us, three kobolds on the backs of giant Pteranodons. Tara was kind enough to lend me her crossbow before she hid under the cart. Fortunately, it was a West and Smithson, a model of crossbow mentioned multiple times in the Adventures of Sir Locke, and a brand of which I have researched. I had read the manual for this model a few years ago.

Durel quickly knocked one down with a sleep spell while the rest of us focused our fire on a single target. The Kobolds flew overhead and bombarded us with… well, I have no desire to write that down. It was acidic, and it drenched Thorn. I was nearly struck by the same assault, but their aim was off and it splattered harmlessly upon the ground.

We managed another assault of Pteranodons with our bows which seemed to break their morale as they did not turn about to try again.

Tom, Karl from Power and Station, and Bobbleberry managed to take down the fallen Kobold who had awoken upon impact with the ground. Tom rummaged through its belongings and found a pair of glasses, which he offered to me. I very graciously accepted them. I had always wanted glasses to boost my Library Cred, but with my 20/20 vision, I was never in need of them. These glasses, however, improved my vision despite my perfect eyesight.

Shortly before sunset, we met a man who was searching for lost livestock. According to him, he misplaced a giant hamster that fell off a flying ship piloted by space gnomes. It was an interesting story of which I wished to know more, but the group was eager to continue, and so we did. We also happened to find his missing hamster just a mile away. It ate Murfria.

Fortunately, Murfria got better and Tom ran off to fetch the farmer to come retrieve his animal.

The group was preparing to make camp when I decided to check with the farmer to see if he had any spare room where we could all rest for the evening. He was happy to offer his barn to us in thanks, then mentioned he also had a spare bed. Being the gentleman that I am, I offered to split the bed with Tara. She accepted.

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