Notes from Lohengrin 004

2021 MAY 08

Travel Notes by Lohengrin Van Asche VII

Part Four (A)

(The text on the page is not as neatly written as it has been. The letters are large and uneven, as if written by a child learning to write.)

Hello journal of fancy man. Bobalberry see you are not happy. Bobalberry accepts responsible for write for you.

Bobalberry watches. Protects barn while giants sleep. Giants sleep a lot. Every time sun sinks, giants sleep. Bobalberry does not sleep. Bobalberry awake. Bobalberry watches.

Murfria approaches giant shelter, but is not Murfria. Not Murfria asks to sleep inside. Bobalberry does not acquiesce. Bobalberry says no. Not Murfria says mean thing to Bobalberry. 

Magic man opens door like fool. Does not know not Murfria. Not Murfria could be abomination. Magic man says not murfria can enter. Bobalberry closes door, says no. Magic man says yes. Bobalberry abides.

Not Murfria is named Bobo. Bobalberry does not like name Bobo. Sounds like clown. Bobo seek shelter from rain. Magic man say Bobo can stay. Bobalberry agitated, but Bobalberry ascends above, and Bobalberry apologize. Bobalberry give Bobo apple for peace. Bobo takes apple, then get mad for apple farts. Bobalberry not know Bobo allergic. Bobo ne——–

(A large ink splot and a streak of ink spreads across the lower half of the page. There are a few smudges that look like leaf prints, and a few fingerprints, then the writing continues in a well-practiced script. Neat, even, and familiar.)

If these weren’t the last pages I possessed, I would discard this page and start anew. Alas, I have no choice but to continue on this soiled sheet. I suppose I needn’t reiterate what Bobalberry has already so eloquently stated inside my journal. Instead, I will continue where he- sh- Bobalberry left off.

I was not in the barn when Bobo arrived, I was in the farmhouse like a civilized person, so all I know of Bobo’s arrival is second-hand from Bobalberry. It seems Bobo is a terrible person, but for some reason, everyone seems to trust them. I refer to Bobo as “them” because Bobalberry seems to be incapable of distinguishing the difference between male and female humanoids. I thought this curious until I realized I had no idea what gender Bobalberry was. When I asked, Bobalberry seemed offended and climbed out my window to plant themselves in a garden box downstairs.

Bobo, from my understanding, is a halfling barbarian, just like Murfria. I did not see them during any of the events of the night, so I can offer no description or details of their existence. I know only that they exist, and they are traveling in a similar direction as we are.

Tara woke me in the middle of the night and informed me that there was trouble at the barn. It seems that a swarm of Fire Beetles dropped from the sky during Bobalberry and Murfria’s watch. The group was already engaged in combat when I arrived. I offered what assistance I could, but between George, Murfria, and the Giant Chameleon, there was little left to do by the time I reached them. I bid them all a good night and returned to bed.

Of course, this group can’t seem to stay out of trouble and they found themselves facing a giant pig. I don’t understand how everything is so big! Back home, we had normal-sized pigs, and lizards, and beetles.

I knew the group could handle things without me, so instead of running to their aid, I tended to packing my things and preparing for departure. By the time I returned to them, they had defeated the pig and harvested it. Fortunately, they left the pig with the farmer so we didn’t have to travel with all of its stinking meat.

I am hoping the rest of the day will involve normal-sized things.

(To Be Continued)

Author: CJ Stark

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