Creation Notes: Brandythorn

Character Creation Notes for: Bambi Brandythorn


Did you know that Pathfinder does not have any official Satyr races? After some research, I put one together using the Pathfinder Race builder. 

I introduce to you; The Faun

Sitting at 10 Race Points, the faun is maxed as a Standard race. They get a +2 bonus to Dexterity and Charisma, being quick on their feet and known for their charming demeanors. They also get a -2 on their Wisdom as they’re also known for having very poor impulse control.

Fauns gain a 40ft movement, full movement through difficult forest terrain, and +2 to Perception, Bluff, and Diplomacy. They also have a natural attack (ramming/headbutting with their horns), and count as Fey, granting them Low-Light vision.

Fauns are the descendants of Satyrs and another humanoid race. Unlike a Satyr, a Fauns appearance more closely resembles their non-satyr parents, though commonly a little shorter and more… lithe. However, their Satyr heritage shines through in the form of goat horns that grow from their temples, and instead of having toes at the end of their feet, the lower half of their foot is replaced with a hoof, making them perpetually in a tip-toe stance.


Our benevolent has granted us a VERY gracious 32 point buy for stats. For reference, a high fantasy game usually has a point buy of 25.

I know I need to focus on Dexterity and Charisma for the character I am building. I can buy an 18 in Dexterity for 17 points, and a 16 in Charisma for 10 points, putting me at 27 points right off the bat.

I’ll dump a 7 into Strength to give me a bonus 4 points, bringing it to 23 of 32.

I’m going to take a loss in wisdom, but I don’t want a negative modifier to my Perception, so I’m putting 12 into Wisdom for 2 points. With the racial modifiers that will bring it to a 10 with a Zero modifier. That is 2 points; 25 of 32.

I want some extra skill points, so 14 to Intelligence for 5 points; 30 of 32.

That leaves me with 2 points for Constitution. He’s going to be a ranged fighter, so massive hit points aren’t really necessary… but, still don’t want negatives there anyway. A 12 Con for 2 points brings the total to 32 of 32

Final scores (with Racial Modifiers)
STR: 7
DEX: 20
CON: 12
INT: 14
WIS: 10
CHA: 18

Not bad.



I have a goat boy with a musket!

Gunsligners are usually a Wisdom based class, but I’ve chosen the Mysterious Stranger archetype which allows me to use Charisma instead.


Gunslingers don’t have a lot of skill points (in my opinion as a skill monkey), only 4 plus INT mod for 6 skill points… plus a bonus for favored class, grand total; 7 skill points.

Brandythorn is a bit of a storyteller; he has at least 12 different stories about how he acquired his musket, so I’m putting my first point in BLUFF (7-1=6)

Brandythorn is also kind of a… troublemaker. I’ll put a point each into Sleight of Hand and Stealth (6-2=4)

I imagine if he figured out how to use the musket then he must have an affinity for mechanics. Point each for Disable Device, and Knowledge Engineering (4 – 2 = 2)

Perception is a necessity in all games, so one point there. (2 – 2 = 1)

The last point is dropped into Craft Alchemy, so I can make some interesting ammunition for the musket. (1 – 1 = 0)


I went ahead and took Prone Shooter. This gives Brandythorn a +6 AC while lying prone, and he can fire his musket from a prone position.


Drawback! Fauns are descendants of Satyrs, so naturally I took Hedonistic. He must spend an hour a day partying or be fatigued the next day. This is why he always carries dice, a musical instrument, and a water-skin full of wine.

Being a bit of an outcast (he’s the only Faun anyone in town has ever known) I gave Brandythorn the BLACK SHEEP trait, giving him +1 to Knowledge Local, and making Stealth a class skill for a +3 bonus there.

Brandythorn already has Sleight of Hand as a class skill, so I took VAGABOND CHILD to round off the bad-boy trifecta and make Disable Device a class skill as well, with an additional +1 bonus on top of the new +3 class skill bonus.

Technically, you get 2 traits, plus a bonus trait if you take a drawback, but I’m not sure what I would want as a third trait right now. I’ll have to come back to this later.


I’m going to do my best to give Brandythorn a youthful southern accent. He gives off Huck Finn vibes in my head.

Brandythorn found his musket in an abandoned Dwarven cave while exploring the mountains. It wasn’t really abandoned, since the dwarves were still there, but since they were all dead he called it abandoned. He took a musket, some gunpowder, and a pocket full of bullets, then accidentally blew the place up while playing around. The cave collapsed and he barely made it out alive with his treasures.

Brandythorn has a lot of stories for how he acquired his musket and they’re all weird; a naked elven lady rose from the lake and presented it to him; he caught the musket running wild in the forest in a big pack of wild muskets and wrangled it with his bare hands; it fell from the sky in a meteorite and he had to fight ten alien monsters to claim it; he found it stuck in a stone and he pulled it out with ease, even though no one else could remove it; he felt sick one day and just threw it up; he was out one day with his friend, the deer, when some dwarf shot his friend’s mom so he and the deer hunted the dwarf and beat him up and stole all his stuff… A lot of stories.

Brandythorn also has a lot of stories about his various adventures… but they shouldn’t be trusted. Most of them are extremely exaggerated. He says he once saved a city of gold from a giant man eating monster, but in truth, he scared off a bear cub so he could steal honey from a hive.

"Don't worry, it's not loaded" - Brandythorn

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