Major NPCs of Lochinvar


Human | Magic User | Male

Finnian was on the ship with the rest of the Player Characters when they arrived in Dockside. They had the same destination and traveled together for several days. In Mic, Finnian took Senda aside and offered to hire Senda and The Crew to escort him to the capital city of Lochinvar. The Crew accepted the task and they have traveled together since.

Finnian says he is on the island to tend to an ill grandfather he’s never met. He is accompanied by his blind Great-Uncle, Argrim.

Finnian has shown himself to be exceptionally polite and well meaning, as well as handy with a knowledge of several utility spells and a few attacks.


Human | Unknown Class | Male

The Great-Uncle of Finnian, Argrim is a blind man with a rough manner. He is currently escorting Finnian to the capital city of Lochinvar so that Finnian can meet his sick Grandfather before he dies.

Delwyn Rheins

Human | Necromancer | Male

The Crew has not yet met Delwyn Rheins, but they have heard of him from several sources on the island.

Delwyn was the King’s left hand and head of all things magical. He was the Archmage of the King’s council and father of Edmund, Gareth, and Lawrence in Feygorest.

After the death of the king, Delwyn was seen in Feygorest briefly before disappearing to an unknown location. The Crew spent over a week cleaning up after him.


Unknown Race | Unknown Class | Male

The Crew has not yet met Rhincore, but they have heard of him from several sources on the island.

Rhincore was the King’s right hand in all things military and war. He lead the King’s Forces and is currently one of Three Individuals seeking to claim the throne.

The Man In Black

Human | Unknown Class | Male

One of the Travelers on the ship to Lochinvar, The Man in Black stayed at the same Inn as “The Crew” their first night in Dockside. Asher caught him sneaking out his window, then snuck into the Man’s room to rob him. Following a confrontation the following morning, Asher kept the dagger but tried to trick the man into believing he had dropped his own stuff out the window.

The Man in Black traveled with The Crew to Mic, then went on his own way. There were no major interactions between The Man in Black and the rest of The Crew following the initial stay at the Inn of Dockside.