NPCs of Feygorest

Edmund Rheins

Human | Unknown Class | Male

Edmund is the uncle of Alayra Rheins, the brother of Gareth and Lawrence, and the son of Delwyn Rheins.

The Crew first met Edmund at the Gravedigger’s Rest where he whisked his niece away back home. Thankful for the Crew rescuing her, he invited them to stay in his home if they ever found their way to Feygorest.


Human | Unknown Class | Female

Alayra is the only daughter of Gareth Rheins and currently lives with her uncle, Edmund Rheins.

Alayra was first met on a bridge inside an overturned carriage. The Crew rescued her from a group of undead and escorted her to the Gravedigger’s Rest where she ran into her uncle. 

The Crew met her again in Feygorest where she shared some of the Rhein’s Family history.

Gareth Rheins

Human | Necromancer | Male


Gareth was the father of Alayra, the brother of Lawrence and Edmund, and the son of Delwyn Rheins.

Gareth died 10 years before the arrival of The Crew, after trying to kill a local troll, Pete. He was resurrected by his father but was put to rest again after madness overcame him.

Gareth returned again when Delwyn passed through Feygorest just before the Crew’s arrival. Anyone who died at Gareth’s hand would return to life as an undead skeleton.

The Crew managed to decapitate Gareth and burn his body before returning him to the family mausoleum.

Lawrence Rheins

Human | Unknown Class | Male

The Crew has never met Lawrence, but they have heard rumors about him from Alayra and the Journals of Delwyn Rheins.

Lawrence ran away 24 years before the arrival of the Crew. No one is certain of what happened, but the popular theory is that he murdered the two adult sons of the King and ran away with his Daughter, Gwendolyn.


Human | Innkeeper | Female

Yrena is the owner and operator of the Gravedigger’s Rest located a half day’s journey south of Feygorest. The widow of the gravedigger, Ulric, Yrena was left to fend for herself after her husband was consumed by vampires. She turned the mortuary into an Inn, using some of the remaining coffins and décor.

Given the circumstances of her husband’s death, Yrena insists that ALL occupants of the inn eat a bowl of her Garlic Soup to prove that they’re not undead.