Sick Day (my addition!)

(A blog I just discovered {That’s right! I discovered it! Suck it you 217 other followers!} posted a little story and suggested that others write the next part, so this is my addition)
(Read their original post here)
(I had to edit it down a few words to hit the 200 word limit. I talk too much.)
[193 words]
Was that a fever dream? I must be sick, or drugged, or both. The boss said all was well so I turned the car back on and continued through the tunnel with the intention of making a U-Turn.
It was there, waiting for me. As I exited back into the gloomy light of the overcast day, the giant hand was hovering above the street. I braked, and it rest a finger upon the hood of my car. It tapped a few times, then wagged toward my door to suggest I exit the vehicle.
I put the car into reverse to flee, but the engine dies and the door opens itself. The giant hand backs away, then curls a finger to tell me to follow. With no other options, I exit the car.
The hand approaches me and extends a finger. I stare, in dead silence; I don’t know what I am supposed to do. The giant fingers curl and the pointer and thumb reach toward me. They pinch my right hand and raise it. It gives my hand a gentle, but firm shake.
“Congratulations!” A voice booms from the sky above. “You’re hired!”

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