Mini Reviews 01

I’ve been reading a lot lately, so I figured I would do a few Mini-Reviews. Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick  5/5 The second book of the Zoey Asche series by David Wong, this story picks up a few months after the first book. Zoey has begun to settle into her new life, and is now looked down […]

Review: Ready Player Two

Wade Watts is back, and he is whinier and creepier than ever… and even worse; now he’s rich and entitled. Wade is now the CEO of the world’s biggest gaming company, one of the richest beings in existence, and the most powerful user in the virtual reality world of the Oasis. He also has access to everyone’s private data; their real names, their real locations, and their home security cameras.

The Buried Goddess Saga

Have you ever wondered what the lovechild of the Princess Bride and The Lord of the Rings might look like? I haven’t, but I think I found out anyway. Written by Rhett C. Bruno and Jaime Castle, The Buried Goddess Saga (a title which has only one “R” despite the insistence of my fingers) begins with a loud mouth Dwarf challenging the self […]

Ready for Ready Player One

I saw Steven Spielberg’s take on Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One the other day, and following that I have seen a lot of complaints about it being different from the book. I’ve often said that directors and writers need to change details for movie adaptations because otherwise, it’s predictable and not surprising or exciting for anyone who’s read the source […]