Creation Notes: Bobalberry

Character Creation Notes for: Bobalberry Fairymoss



Have you ever heard of a Leshy? I never had, and as soon ad I heard of them I wanted to create one. If you don’t know them, Leshy are small, sentient creatures made of plants. They’re essentially sentient plants.u00a0 There are a variety of them made of different types of plants, like vines, gourds, and even flytraps.

Bobalberry is a Vine Leshy, made from grapevines… his stomach acid is wine, we decided.

As a Vine Leshy, Bobalberry can post short vide-… nope, wrong vine. Bobalberry gets +2 to Constitution and Wisdom, and -2 to intelligence.

He also has Plantspeech and Pass Without a Trace as constant spell-like abilities, and can turn into a small vine plant at will.u00a0 He can consume food but can survive on water and sunshine alone… and he loves maneur.


This mofo rolled pretty dang high: 13, 13, 14, 15, 15, 16.

Whatever I put into Intelligence will be dropped by 2, and I think an unintelligence Leshy will be fun to play anyway; 13 – 2 = 11 Intelligence.

He’s going to be a Cleric, so Wisdom is a must. Fortunately, he gets a +2 to wisdom. 16 + 2 = 18 Wisdom.

I’ll put the 14 in Constitution (+2 for 16 CON), then the 13 in Strength. That leaves two 15s for Charisma and Dexterity.

Final attributes:

Str: 13
Dex: 15
Con: 16
Int: 11
Wis: 18
Cha: 15

That’s a point-buy of 35. This tiny fella is stacked.


We need a healer. I would go straight Cleric, but I like to give my characters classes that blend with their background. Bobalberry was made by Druids and IS a plant creature, so the first level is Druid. Since birth, he was raised to tend to plant life and heal others, so second level Cleric with the Plant and Animal domains.


Clerics only get 2 skill points, but Druids get 4. Bobalberry doesn’t get an intelligence bonus. At second level, that’s 6 in total. Plus 1 for Favored Class (cleric) and Bobalberry has a total of 7 skill points at level 2.

Being a plant creature with an automatic bonus in Climb, I’m going to put one point in climb (7-1=6).

Bobalberry is very small (only 1ft 6in!) and already gets a good, Natural Stealth bonus. Let’s boost that. 1 point to stealth (6-1=5).

Being a druid, he would have knowledge of Nature, and some good survival instinct. +1 to both of those (5-2=3).

Perception is always useful, so 1 point there (3-1=2)

Bobalberry is going to have an animal companion, so I’m going to put 1 point in Animal Handling, and the last remaining point into Ride.

Our DM grants us 2 points every level to spend on Craft, Profession, and Performance skills. I’m going to put 2 points into Profession Gardener, and 2 into Profession Farmer.

Those seem appropriate.

With Racial bonuses, Bobalberry now has a Stealth skill at 16! And it boosts up to 20 if he’s in the forest.


Bobalberry is going to have a Giant Chameleon companion. Seeing as he starts as a Level 1 Druid and a Level 1 Cleric, and I intend to level up his Cleric, I am taking Boon Companion to increase the health and abilities of the Chameleon (named Dragonbait). This will give Dragonbait a 4 level boost, keeping him relevant until I can get the Cleric to level 4 at which point the Chameleon will start leveling up with Bobalberry’s Cleric Animal Domain level.


Bobalberry is Honest (+1 to Diplomacy, +2 if they’re friendly) to a fault. I don’t think he really knows how to lie. He never needed to in the past, so that’s a good trait for him.

I decided to up his Stealth a little more and gave him Wisdom of the Flesh, which allows me to take one Dexterity-based skill (stealth) and use his Wisdom modifier for it instead. This changes his +3 to a +4 on Stealth Checks.

Because Bobalberry is so incredibly honest and not very knowledgeable of the world outside his druidic circle, I decided to take a Drawback as well. Bobalberry has the Naive drawback which gives him a -2 AC vs improvised weapons and a -2 CMD against dirty trick maneuvers.


During our last combat, Bobalberry ran into 3ft tall grass and got lost. He was trying to charge at the enemy but I rolled for random direction and instead he wound up charging into Lohengrin’s leg.

Bobalberry rides a giant chameleon.

Bobalberry uses a Wand of Cure Light Wounds with a thorn tied to the tip as a small spear.

Bobalberry has the goodberry spell, and I’ve tweaked it so that the berries grow on him like grapes. It’s awkward.

He can also make wine by vomiting, so… that’s fun.