EmVee 1.3

2054 APRIL 28 11:26 AM “Fuck,” Brad Lee finally broke the silence of the room after several long seconds, voicing the shock that everyone in the room felt. He turned his palms up and raised his shoulders as he shook his head, gesturing to the office that he was at a loss for words and wasn’t sure what to think. […]

EmVee 1.2

2054 APRIL 28 11:19 AM “-ajor disaster!” Terrance was halfway through a sentence when Lawrence pulled open the door. “Five people. Five! Dead! And dozens of others are infected, that we KNOW of, all trapped inside, and we still have no clue what is happening!” “But,” the investor sitting beside Brad Lee on the opposite end of the table from […]

EmVee 1.1

2054 APRIL 28 11:15 AM Lawrence was hesitant to walk into the office. He could see the occupants of the room through the glass walls of the office and he could see the intense expressions on all of their faces. There were a dozen individuals sitting around the table, all wearing very serious skins for their avatars. Like every meeting, […]