EmVee 3.2

Lawrence was silent for a long moment as he stared into Luda’s wide, wild eyes. He knew Luda had a history of anger, but also knew that they had, more or less, overcome it and were no longer a serious threat. However, it seemed that bringing up events from before they became a video game NPC was a sore subject, […]

Lochinvar 15

Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Aarakocra LOCHINVAR 15 2020 NOV 06 Delwyn happily demonstrates how the Magic Jugs function, using Peng as an unwilling assistant. He then invites the Crew to dinner. They dine and discuss plans for the upcoming events. The Crew inform Delwyn of their plan to storm the castle and remove Alistair from the throne and Delwyn […]

Lochinvar 14

Matkivad Lochinvar 14 2020 OCT 30 Peng flies ahead to the ship and notices something very odd; the crew is nowhere to be seen, and all of the row boats are missing. He relays this information back to the crew so they are prepared when they arrived. The Crew searches the ship but find no signs of life anywhere; no […]

Lochinvar 13

One eyed willow Lochinvar 2020 OCT 23 The Crew deliberated on a course of actions and settled on traveling to Kissy to charter a ship to the Island. The trip back to the main road was uneventful and the Crew made it to Kissy easily. While in the coastal town, the Crew upgraded their armor and weapons. The Crew stocked […]

Lochinvar 12

Confrontation Lochinvar 11 2020 OCT 16 Following dinner with Lawrence and Delwyn Rheins, the crew separated to their own rooms and rested. In the morning, they reconvened and considered how to proceed with recent revelations. The Crew planned to confront Argrim now and Delwyn agreed with this decision by suggesting that he had a large number of undead soldiers that […]

Lochinvar 11

Revelations Lochinvar 11 2020 OCT 09/10 Hold on to your britches… this is gunna be a long one. Having just defeated the shambling mound, the Crew resumed their search of the Forest Temple. They backtracked to the last room with the paintings to investigate the locked door. Asher managed to pick the lock, but the door only opened a few […]

The Village : One Shot

The village a one shot This was our first session ever. Set in an original world with an original story, this game was Mastered by Dee, the current DM for our Barovia campaign, ¬†and lasted one session before switching over to the Barovia campaign. The Original Crew consisted of a Dragon Born named Kriv, a dwarf named Thrommout, two high […]

Tossed Sallen and Scrambled Eggs: Lochinvar 10

Tossed sallen and scrambled eggs Lochinvar 10 2020 SEP 24 Having cleared Bridge Tower, the Crew was preparing to leave when the large guard from the lower tower chased them down. He introduced himself as Ilikan, the Captain of the Guard, and apologized for his distrust earlier. He invited the Crew to stay for dinner and sleep in the spare […]