Laconblade 01


Part 1: Introductions and Trials

2023 JAN 14

In the city of Abaloop, former Capitol of the Lochinvar Kingdom, Roxanne Pebbles, a female Dwarf and amateur Cleric, and Ailuin Darunia, a male Aquatic Elf with aspirations of being a Magus, meet at the city’s Adventuring Guild building. As the two introduce themselves a third individual arrives, a Vanara Monk named Babuk Ishka, followed shortly by two Ratfolk Rogues, Rizzo and Marcrat, who may or may not be a married couple.

The five of them are all new recruits to the relatively new Laconblade Academy for Adventuring and each collect passage on the last airship of the day. Roxanne is extremely nervous about riding in an airship, so downs a potion to ease her nerves. Once they have all received their tickets a woman exits the back room and introduces herself; she is Tacca, a Vishkanya, and she is to be their first day mentor. She leads them out of the front entrance and toward the Airship.

Ash she reaches the corner of the building a large man in dark robes bumps into her and some of the group notice that he lifts a coin purse from her pocket. Babuk and Rizzo begin to pursue the man while Ailuin informs Tacca of the incident. Tacca tries to feign surprise but Ailuin sees through her performance and deduces that this is all a test.

Rizzo manages to sneak up behind the man while Marcrat shouts and distracts him, giving Rizzo the opportunity to snatch the coin purse without the man noticing. Rizzo is so sneaky, however, that his new companion, Babuk, doesn’t realize he has taken it, and leaps from a nearby rooftop to tackle the man from above. A brief fight ensues in which Babuk draws the man’s attention, deftly dodging his attacks, as Rizzo faceplants into a wall and Marcrat accidentally kisses the man while trying to make a flying assault.

Roxanne, in a drugged state of unawareness, eventually catches on that there is a dispute when Rizzo calls to her and proclaims that the large man said something rude about Dwarves. She uses a Filth cantrip, which covers the man in a layer of filth.

Ailuin intervenes and informs everyone that this is simply a test and the fight quickly draws to a close. They proceed to the airship and arrive at the academy shortly afterward where they are given a brief tour of area before being shown to their dorms and asked to attend to the Orientation.

At Orientation the entire student body is sorted into groups of six. Roxanne, Ailuin, Rizzo, Marcrat, and Babuk are the last sorted, along with a ghostly pale Aasimar who is introduced as Aelifer, a student who has had trouble finding a group, are all assigned to the same group.


2 Years Later

After training in their own respective fields, and working together in the training grounds, the group is tasked with their first contract. They are handed a sheet of paper with a Contact and some basic information, then left to their own devices.

They seek the contact, Gilbert, at the tavern in Petrichor who seems to be excited to be participating in a contract. Gilbert informs them of disturbing noises coming from behind a locked door behind the tavern and he leads them through the back door outside. Rizzo and Marcrat manage to unlock the door and enter, searching for traps along the way. Roxanne and Aelifer stay back in case any traps are activated.

Just inside, Rizzo and Marcrat find a pit trap. Rizzo jumps the trap but falls into another pit trap on the other side of it. Ailuin manages to throw him a rope and pull him to safety. Marcrat triggers the first pit trap and it falls out, leaving a 10 foot gap to cross.

Uncertain of the depth, Roxanne tosses a rock into the trap. It falls and clacks about 5 feet below them and the group surmises that the pit has an illusion to make it appear bottomless without actually being threatening.

Roxanne and Rizzo detach the pit trap door and lay it across the pit to create a walk way. Everyone crosses and find themselves in a dead end. Rizzo notices a breeze and finds an illusionary wall. On the other side of the wall is a 30 foot drop to the floor below. Rizzo realizes there are small hand holds the whole way down and tries to use them to climb, only to realize that they are actually a vertical spear trap that nearly impales him.

Rizzo and Marcrat manage to disable the trap while Roxanne and Babuk tie knots in a rope. Ailuin hammers a piton into the floor and ties the rope on and everyone climbs down with ease.


End Session 1

Northquest 4 Map

Area Map for Northquest 4

Created by the DM; Eric

The Journey Thus Far:

Regardless of where they all originated, the Crew found themselves in Alfaelton where they were all recruited by Durell.

The newly formed group traveled North to Middleton, searching for a dungeon containing an orb. 

Durell met with a contact in Middleton who led the Crew to the hidden entry to the Dungeon.