Investigating the Durst House

Auryn and Raz met some children playing in the street. They discover that the children are afraid of their home as there are scary sounds coming from the basement. The two relay this information to the rest of the party, and the group immediately heads to the house to protect the children. The Heroes arrive at The Durst House, a 4 […]

Earth, Web, and Fire : D&D 26

2020 JUNE 28 Belvias, Eredere, Eiliander, and Auryn woke early and attended breakfast. They spoke to Morti who stated he was preparing his teleportation spell to the other side of the mountain and that the Crew should get themselves prepared. Having opted to wear only a bed sheet to breakfast, Auryn had to go get dressed. Once everyone was ready, […]

The Sunsword : D&D 25

2020 JUN 14 The crew arrived at the Vistani camp and met Madame Eva. They turned Izek over to the camp and explained the circumstances of his restraint. Later that evening, (what’s his face) returned to camp and gathered the Crew and Eva. He tells them he found what they were looking for… sort of… and removes a hilt from […]

Izek and the Were-Bear : D&D 24

2020 MAY 30 The crew returns to the cave to retrieve the cart of food they had found the previous day. They attempt to investigate the tracks of the cart, but weather has made them difficult and they lose them. While pushing the cart down the trail, the Crew stumbles upon a Were-Bear. The Bear and Auryn have a stand […]

Gently Rapping at my Chamber Door : D&D 23

2020 MAY 20 The Crew is disturbed in the middle of the night by a knock on the door.A stray elf with a Gnome in their arms are standing outside.Eredere and Eiliander assist the unconscious gnome.The next day the crew heads to the lake to meet the Vampire Hunter, Esmerelda. They bring her home to talk. Esmerelda leads the crew […]

Squeak Squeaker McSqueaken : D&D 22

2020 MAY 15 The Crew ventured up to the Abbey to visit. They met two individuals who were crossbreeds of animals, and not very friendly.When the crew left, Raz transformed into a Cat and went to spy on the inhabitants of the Abbey. He discovered that they had a Vampire Hunter imprisoned, and they spoke of a potential wife. A […]

Welcome to Krezk : D&D 21

2020 MAY 08 The Crew woke early, packed up their camp, stamped out their fire and set off Westward, continuing their journey to Krezk. They followed the signs and kept on the path, though occasionally stopped off the trail to ensure they weren’t followed. Arriving at a bridge, the Crew noticed several guards keeping watch. Auryn approached and addressed them. […]

Shark Maw Mountain : D&D 20

2020 MAY 07 After helping old Morty find his big chest in the lake, the Crew returned to Morty’s Magic Cave.Along their way, they were assaulted by an Elemental… They took it out pretty easily due to their awesomeness.But then, another one appeared while they were bragging about how easy it was… And they squashed it too.Afterwards, the Crew resumed […]

D&D 05 The Dankness

2020 JAN 05 With the Durst house resolved, the Heroes head to the mercantile to make some trades. Afterwards, they agree to finish their quest with Ireena to take her to Vaalik. Outside of the city walls, the heroes run into the Vistani, still waiting for them. They climb into the cart and head out. The Vistani deliver the heroes […]

D&D 04 Again With the Dursts

2019 DEC 21 The heroes return to the inn. They rest then head off to the church in the morning. After a discussion with the resident clergymen, they find that the Priest’s son is a vampire. They recommend he leave the boy locked in the basement where he can do no harm. The heroes return to the Durst house’s basement. […]

D&D 03 The Durst House

2019 DEC 19 The Heroes rise, have breakfast, and return to the Durst House. They head straight to secret stairway Auryn discovered in the children’s room in the attic. The stairway spirals downward and they find themselves in the basement. The Heroes enter the basement, a long hallway lined with doors. After testing for traps, they open the nearest door […]

D&D 02 The Second One

The Second Part 2019 DEC 11 The Durst house Picking up where we left off, the Heroes are still in the secret room of The Durst House’s Library. Inspecting the skeleton, a Letter to Gustav is found. It is addressed to the owner of the house, Gustav Durst, and signed by Strahd Von Zarovich. Noting the time of night, and noting that superstition […]

D&D 01 Introductions

The Beginning 2019 NOV 10 Day onE The Heroes are at a tavern for weary travelers, most of them having met for the first time they spend some hours chatting and getting to know each other over drinks and food.They are approached by three colorfully dressed individuals who introduce themselves as Vistani. Ratka, the leader of the three, requests the […]