Zeds 4.2

Claire thinks that grocery shopping is more dangerous than John gives it credit for. ‘If another group is going to guard anything, it will be their food,’ she once told the group. John said it will be the guns because this is a gun-crazy country, which prompted her to use the line about surviving longer without guns than without food […]

Zeds 4.3

Claire motions for me to follow her. We move down the aisle and turn into the center lane, sidling up to the corner so we can peek around at the front of the store. I lean over Claire’s shoulder and look out as well. Some dude in a bathrobe casually strolls up to the front door. Claire’s cart is sitting by […]

Zeds 4.1

Luke “Go do the shopping, Claire. Go cook dinner, Claire. Go babysit Luke, Claire. Do I look like a damn Maid? Should I do the laundry while I’m at it?” The way Claire is ranting, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her stomp her feet as she walks, but, she doesn’t. Her face has a bit of red to it, […]