Zeds 5.3

Lucy is waiting for me by the back door when I reach the office. Se sees me, gives me a disapproving shake of the head, then ducks out and runs. I hurry across the room, reach the door, and immediately throw myself sideways and put my back to the wall as two of them run past. Shit! They’re on her tail! They […]

Zeds 5.4

I pull the RV up to the corner, take the golf club off the dash and exit the vehicle again. I run over and press my back against the wall as I lean to peer around the edge of the building. Lucy took the corner much too fast and crashed right into a pole; the front wheels are a foot […]

Zeds 5.2

Lucy is gone by the time I reach the front counter – probably off to the truck to grab her tools I take my time sifting through the keys, trying each until I find the one that works. I wist it, pull the lock off and toss it aside before sliding open the case. I do the same to the […]

Zeds 5.1

CHASE “Woah,” I say as  the door to the sporting goods shop swings open. Nothing is out of place in this store. Not a single rack or shelf is in disarray; even the golf balls are stacked neatly. “Shit, Chase,” Lucy says as she rises. She had crouched before the door to force it open with a screwdriver. “This place […]