Zeds 7.3

“Alright, Michael. I am going to remove the handcuffs, and I am going to trust that you’re not going to do anything stupid, like try to attack me. Alright?” John slips the key into the lock on my right wrist and pauses, waiting for a confirmation. “Uh, yeah. I won’t attack… but I make no promises about not doing anything […]

Zeds 7.2

I squint against the bright light overhead. This is definitely not my bed. My bed doesn’t have lights above it; or shelves for the matter. Nothing in my cabin even has lights this bright. This isn’t my cabin. That damn mouse must have some powerful friends. It’s not the damn mouse. Alright! Geez, me, I don’t have to yell at me so harshly! […]

Zeds 7.1

Michael Michael straightened his tie as he entered the room. He lingered just inside the door at the top of the extra-wide grand staircase that led down into the crowd. He scanned the room, letting his gaze settle on each sparkling dress and every dazzlingly colorful tuxedo before him. The room gradually falls silent as every occupant turns to face […]