Zeds 8.3

“No, Michael,” John says. “This isn’t a joke. This is a real life or death survival situation.” “Wow,” I say. I stare into my coffee as I take this all in. The world as I know it has collapsed; civilization has crumbled, monsters have taken over, and everyone I once knew is likely dead. I’m not sure exactly of how […]

Zeds 8.2

“Alex is behind this, isn’t she?” I grin. Alex, what a prankster. I knew she wouldn’t let that Christmas thing go. “Where is she?” John is still stuck in a state of disbelief as he stares at me, dumbstruck. I must have pulled too far from the script and this actor doesn’t know how to recover. I feel bad, maybe […]

Zeds 8.1

Michael “Oh. My. God.” I say, quietly and slowly as I struggle to process what is going on. It doesn’t quite seem real, at first; it seems like a dream… come true. “Coffee!” I nearly squeal with delight as I wrap my fingers around the warm ceramic cup set on the table in front of me. I pull it to […]