The Arrival : Lochinvar 01

2020 JUL 30

The Crew arrived to the Grey Isles by ship, docking at the village of Dockside. They went through Customs quickly, though the Crew noticed that the three other occupants of the ship were held back for further questioning.

The Crew split off with Peng and Asher heading to the Lazy Chow to eat, while Senda, Justin, and Nadinix went straight to the inn to get rooms. Senda paid for two rooms, one for himself and Justin, and another for Nadinix. He also purchased a few bottles of a mysterious wine that tasted fishy, but oddly delicious. The trio then joined the others across the road at the Lazy Chow where the only item on the menu was Clam Chowder.

After eating as much as they were willing to, they left the Lazy Chow to return to the inn. As they exited, they noticed the Man In Black from the ship had passed customs and was heading to the inn. They followed behind at a distance and entered behind him. The Man In Black spoke to the inn keeper and went upstairs with keys in hand.

Senda purchased another bottle of the odd wine, and had to purchase a second when Asher was caught trying to steal one from behind the inn keeper’s back.

In the evening, Peng (sleeping on the roof) noticed the other two from the ship heading toward the inn. Senda was awoken a few minutes later to some loud discussions down stairs regarding the availability of rooms.

Senda left his room to investigate, only to find the Inn Keeper on his way up to see him. He stated that the room with two beds was needed for a VIP guest. When the Inn Keeper offered to comp all the rooms of Senda and his companions, Senda agreed.

Senda met the “VIP” couple, an old man and a boy in his teens. The man introduced himself as Argrim, and the younger man as Finnian. When confronted about what made them so important, Argrim said he could not leave the young man alone and they needed a shared room. He then offered to pay them for the inconvenience and gave Senda ten gold.

When asked about why they were held back in Customs, Argrim stated that there was an issue with papers and proving their identities.

Senda noted that the young man seem misinformed and was unaware that people already occupied the room, as he went back upstairs to move himself and Justin into separate rooms.

In the middle of the night, Asher awoke to the sound of scraping on the walls outside. He peeked out his window to find the Man in Black climbing out of his window. When the Man in Black disappeared around the corner, Asher climbed out his window and broke into the Man’s room. He proceeded to steal the man’s bag and return to his own room. He then stole all the man’s food and his dagger then left the man’s bag outside his door.

The following morning, the Man in Black found his bag angrily demanded that the occupants prove their innocence. Asher proceeded to throw the stolen goods out the window, except the dagger, so it fell below to the Man in Black’s window, then insisted the Man probably just dropped it at some point in the night. Despite finding his things outside his window, the Man in Black was not convinced and concluded Asher was the culprit.

The Crew went next door to the Lazy Chow for breakfast. They were treated to fish as Peng went out hunting. When regrouping at the town square they noticed a sign offering a wagon to Lochinvar. Tickets were purchased at the Customs building. 

The Man in Black caught the wagon early, climbing aboard as it came into town and passed Stinky Pete’s. The rest of the group climbed aboard when it came nearer. Though everyone was present and ready, the wagon did not leave. After several minutes, Argrim and Finnian joined the group and climbed aboard. 

Several days of travel passed uneventfully until the Crew arrived in the small town of Mic. The wagon driver said he needed to resupply and that they were staying there for the night.

The Crew went to the inn for rooms and found it was a strip joint with Half Dressed Halflings. They seemed less inclined to stay when the inn keeper suggested most only stayed for a few hours.

Senda asked about good wine, and the inn keeper stated he had a lot of good wine but he had a rat infestation in the basement and wasn’t willing to collect it. The Crew offered to help with the rat problem.

In the basement, the crew found a massive swarm of rats. They killed 5 giant rats and 2 swarms of rats. Investigating a large hole in a corner revealed more rats. They killed another Swarm of rats and a Giant Diseased rat. Once they were cleared, Justin led the way into the large hole, choosing to investigate the source.

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