My Favorite Mobile Games

Mobile games are very iffy. Now and then you find a really good, clever, well made, and unique game but for the most part it seems every game is just a clone of 3 other games. They all seem to be a version of the connect 3 (Candy Crush), the infinite runner (Temple Run), or the city builder (Clash of Clans) games. It’s rare to find something different and in a category of its own…

Here are some of my favorite games that are something entirely they’re own, or they at least add something to the usual genre. If it’s on this list, I would recommend it to almost anyone.

(In Alphabetical Order)
Angry Birds
Dark Echo
Does Not Commute
FFXV Pocket Edition
Peggle Blast
Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

Angry Birds: 
Angry birds is a simple physics based sling shot shooting game where you launch birds at little forts built by pigs. I’ve never met anyone who isn’t already in some way familiar with the game, or one of the other versions of it. Despite being released almost 10 years ago, it still has a strong player base and still releases new versions and levels.
So far I have played their original game, Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds in Space, Star Wars, Rio, and Seasons. Each one offers new dynamics to the game, from Jedi powers, to changing Gravity.

Browse Angry Birds Games Here

You are the super of an apartment complex in a country under totalitarian rule. You are free to do as you please; install cameras in apartments, report the crimes of your tenants, or blackmail them… or just mind your own business (though the game is significantly less fun then).
The choices you make have lasting consequences as characters die, characters leave, characters attack you, or opportunities are missed, all depending upon your actions or inaction.
This game has a trial version that allows you to play the first section for free, then requires a purchase to continue.
(The game and the video preview feature violence and adult themes, but nothing too graphic.)

Get Beholder for Android Here

This interactive story follows two brothers sent on a journey to save their father. Their journey takes them through many beautiful sceneries and dangerous locations. This story has a lot to offer as you try to control two characters at the same time. There are only 2 control “sticks” , and no other buttons. Each stick controls one brother, and most puzzles involve getting them to move to the right places at the same time.

Get Brothers for Android Here

Dark Echo: 
This game has a very simple concept: you are in a room, and you need to get past the blind monsters and get to the door… The catch? You’re blind too.
This game features a pitch black screen and little else. To “see” where you are going to have to make sound. You can do this by tapping the screen to make your character clap, by walking, or by throwing pebbles. When sounds are made, they send rippling sound waves bouncing across the screen, giving you an idea of the size and shape of the room.
There are also monsters that appear as red squiggles, but only when they’re active. When they’re still and silent, they’re completely invisible. They’re sitting in wait for sounds to draw their attention, then they slide across the room to the source of the sound and kill you on touch.

Get Dark Echo for Android Here

Does Not Commute: 
This driving game makes you you’re own source of road rage. The concept is simple; get from point A to point B within the time limit. It starts easily with empty roads, but the game records the route you took and plays it back when you’re trying to get the next car from A to B… Then remembers both of those and plays them as you get the next car, and the next car, until the small city scene is full of different vehicles squealing around corners, dodging other vehicles, and bringing chaos to what was a peaceful little Suburb.

Get Does Not Commute for Android Here

FFXV Pocket Edition: 
It’s FFXV… But in your pocket. The popular console game was recreated in a quasi-chibi style so you can play it on your phone. It demonstrates real ingenuity in game design and play. I’ve only played the first part and I am already hooked on it. Combat is a simple point and click, with timed pushes to dodge, and long presses for ranges attacks. I imagine the game will expand from here and build on itself with more features.

Get FFXV for Android Here

This is actually a part of what seems to be a new rising genre of games; the quasi-board-game puzzler. Geostorm, Hitman GO, and Lara Croft GO are all turn based puzzle games where you direct a character through an area, dodging traps, enemies, and monsters while also solving riddles and traversing maze like path arrangements.
In Geostorm, you are one of several individuals who survived a major natural disaster. Each character has their own goals to survival, and each has their own dangers and risks. One character is in space, with poorly designed homicidal robots, while another is traversing the frozen remains of their city.

You can get Geostorm Here, Hitman GO Here, and Lara Croft GO Here

Peggle Blast: 
All you have to do is hit the orange pegs. That’s it.
You aim a launcher at the top of the screen at a wall of pegs, some are blue, some orange, a few green and sometimes purple. Occasionally, there are frogs, gnomes, and bombs trying impede upon your ability to hit pegs, or shortening how long the level lasts, but you also
have Squirrels, Unicorns, and other animals on your side offering super powers like exploding balls, or super guides that let you see where your ball is going. When you manage to beat a level, however, you get fireworks and music leaving you feel accomplished and ready for the next thing challenge.

Get Peggle Blast for Android Here

Walking Dead: No Man’s Land: 
This falls into the category of City Builder, but the city builder part feels more like a side game. The main feature of this game is the story levels, where you lead a group of survivors through zombie infested areas to accomplish tasks. Most tasks involve searching containers or taking out certain enemies.
Every playable character falls into one of several classes that grants them different abilities. Some get increased damage, while others can stun groups of enemies.
The story follows a few survivors from the Terminus station in the TV series as they escape, build a new camp, and set out on missions to keep supplies and fend off threats.
(The game and the video below feature violent scenes… I mean, it IS the Walking Dead after all.)

Get the Walking Dead for Android Here

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