The Iron Druid Chronicles

What do Vampires, Witches, Dark Elves, a long lived Irish Wolfhound, Thor, a Chimera, Yeti siblings, and Jesus Christ himself all have in common? If you guessed they’re all in this amazingly epic chronicles of the Iron Druid, then you’re right. Congrats! Go get a cookie, you’ve earned it.

The Iron Druid Chronicles, written by Kevin Hearne and Performed by the most amazingly talented Luke Daniels, is a first person urban fantasy book series that follows Atticus O’Sullivan, the last druid on Earth… and probably the rest of the galaxy, I don’t know. The Druid population of the other planets was never discussed.

Atticus is an exotic bookstore owner by day, and… well, an exotic bookstore owner at night, too; except, he has a long history (he’s over 2,000 years old) of mischief that’s about to catch up to him. While most people are quite content breaking rules by spraying graffiti or comitting petty theft, Atticus’ idea of mischief is on a bit of a grander scale, like stealing magical swords from deities, and that’s pretty much where this series picks up.

Usually, fighting a God is what most book series’ build up to. You usually have a trilogy, at least, in which the characters scramble around trying to figure out how to stand against a deity, but not here. Oh, no, not here. Atticus, from the beginning, has already annoyed at least 2, maybe 6 Gods, and has the power to stand up to them… or, hide from them for a few hundred years like he’s doing when we first meet him. 

Atticus has a loyal Wolfhound named Oberon who offers comic relief and helps us lose track of time in the series. His best friend is a Vampire with whom he regularly gets into Shakespearean rap battles, and his lawyer is a werewolf… there’s nothing extra there, he’s just a werewolf, and that’s cool AF.

“My lawyer would eat yours alive in court!”

For the most part, Atticus lives quietly, selling books and magical potions he tells people are just tea (with amazing names, like mobili-tea for his older customers, and immortali-tea for himself and Oberon). 

One day, however, his life gets twist-turned upside down when the God he’s been hiding from for millennia manages to find him. Suddenly he’s sleeping with Goddesses, Bumping elbows with witches, slaying demons, traversing the multiverse, transforming into an adorable otter, Kicking Thor in the jewels (he doesn’t, actually, but that would have been great), and saving the gosh darn world, all while training an intern and keeping his dog fed.

There’s no way of covering the entire series in a simple review, I mean there are Gods and creatures, and characters from every Pantheon and Mythology out there (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, First Nation, Christian, Chinese, Indian, and so on, and so on).


Kevin Hearne’s ability to cram so much crap into one book is amazing. There is so much going on at any given moment, a dozen different plot-lines and stories going on side by side, and yet it never feels overwhelming. You never get lost in what’s going on, and nothing gets forgotten.

As always, Luke Daniels is amazing. His range of voices is impressive and he makes every line of the series come to life. Every character is distinct and memorable; there is never any confusion as to who is speaking.

In summary, The Iron Druid Chronicles is an absolutely amazing series of books that I would highly recommend to any fan of Fantasy and/or Mythology… and I want an HBO series.Yeti


Author: Kevin Hearne

Narrator: Luke Daniels

Genre: Modern Fantasy

Length: 9 Main Books, Lots of Extras… and I mean… LOTS of extras. Like, 20 novellas and short stories, at least.

Barnes and Noble: Book One

Audible: Book One


Author: CJ Stark

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