The Village : One Shot

The village

a one shot

This was our first session ever.

Set in an original world with an original story, this game was Mastered by Dee, the current DM for our Barovia campaign,
 and lasted one session before switching over to the Barovia campaign.

The Original Crew consisted of a Dragon Born named Kriv, a dwarf named Thrommout, two high elves, Eiliander, and Eredere, and a goblin named  Killian Wishnwick Nokru Doriel Dingma Gwen De Allyn Ondeu Clor Glara Oceah Tir Tsulock Lilaco Viggy Hinculocia Phradil Kindulum Flynn Guiida Kohl Ponpon Tridja Chel Rodric Tretvil Jek Har Scisi Don Finnion Muel Tomadil Ashwyna De mund Deldyn Shanaal Pher Chelrid Heeday Yushi Le Karibara Jay Mecarlas Cam Bur Nett Comen Burr Aldwenojar Ing’Crey Rinee War Dwen Disiree Hal Lee Mun Sactro Valentinza Pi Poppo Spunctre Lainmina Van Asche IV… or “Kiwi” for Short.

The Crew is heading to a thing they have to attend at a place when they cross paths with a dwarven barbarian named Thrommout. After a brief conversation, the crew discovers that the dwarf is also heading to the thing, and everyone agrees to travel together. A few miles down the road the Crew runs into a dragonborn man who is also going to the thing and so, also, joins the group.

While approaching the small village of Village, the Crew came upon a man with a broken carriage. They assisted him and the man offered some information on the village of Village. The old man informed the Crew that the Village had been taken over by a gang of bandits.

The Crew entered the village and immediately enter the tavern where they hope to get more information. As they enter, they are approached by four men who demand to go through the possessions of the Crew with the intent of taking whatever they desire. Kiwi ducks away and goes to play a poker game in the back corner while Eredere talks to the men. Eredere offers to buy the men drinks, which seems to flip the men’s opinions of the Crew.

Eredere and Eiliander speak to the bartender who who explains that all of the Inn’s rooms are full of gang members who are refusing to pay their tabs. Eredere feels there are too many in the tavern for the Crew to handle, so the Crew decides to seek sanctuary for the night at the Church.

Kiwi loses a few coins, but steals all the aces from the deck before leaving.

The church has several men inside talking to a captive farmer. Kiwi manages to sneak inside unseen and moves around to explore the area. The others confront the gang members, who immediately attack the Crew. They manage to kill one member of the gang, while knocking the other two unconscious and tying them up. Eredere moves to assist the farmer and check him for injuries.

Meanwhile, Kiwi accidentally bumps into a gang captain as he’s trying to peek into a room. He slams the door shut and runs downstairs. The man gives chase. Eredere and Kriv take the man down quickly.

Eredere and Thrommout stay downstairs to tend to the farmer and keep an eye on the fallen gang members, intent on questioning them when they wake. Kiwi, Kriv, and Eiliander head upstairs to clear the second floor. In the office upstairs they find the Church Proprieter, Feldrik, who offers them wine. Kriv and Eiliander turn him down immediately, assuming the wine is poisoned, but they don’t act in time to stop Kiwi from accepting the offered glass… Kiwi then dumps the wine on the floor and puts the glass in his bag.

Feldrik requests the aid of the Crew, asking them to strong arm the gang into leaving. He offers 50 gold for every gang member they dispatch. He then explains that there are available beds in the basement and leads the Crew downstairs.

The Crew reunites with Eredere and Thrommout. Eredere immediately detects evil upon Feldrik and tries to relay this information to the rest of the Crew quietly. Feldrik leads them to the basement. WHile Eredere stands back and suggests they not follow him, Kiwi doesn’t hear him and heads down first.

Eredere attacks Feldrik, acting on a gut feeling. A brief fight ensues in the stairwell to the basement, and it ends when Kiwi throws a handfull of ball berings on the steps and Feldrik falls. Kriv dives atop the man and pins him down.

As Kriv demands answers from Feldrik, the man manages to get a hand into his pocket and throws a smoke bomb and disappears.

Back on the main floor, the Crew splashes water on the unconscious gang members to wake them. They demand answers. The larger man says their leader is Gailan, a ruthless man who would do whatever it took to keep power. Feldrik was trying to get rid of him.

The Crew throw the tied gang members into the basement and lock the door before searching the church for anything worthwhile. Kiwi collects the rest of the crystal glasses from upstairs while the rest of the crew find about 158 golds worth of other loot.

The Crew exits town, heading North. They circle around the town, keeping a good distance out of sight, and set camp in the south.


That’s the end. Unfortunately we never went any further than that before starting up Barovia.

Author: CJ Stark

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