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I just finished listening to the Audible presentation of the We Are Legion (We Are Bob) trilogy and I am sad to see it end. It had me interested in the story from beginning to end, and it had me genuinely concerned for the well being of the characters.

The Required Details
We Are Legion (We Are Bob) is the first book of the Bobiverse trilogy written by Dennis E. Taylor and read by Ray Porter. I downloaded the series off the Audible app on my phone because my library was becoming sparse in the way of things I hadn’t finished.
The trilogy consists of We Are Legion (We Are Bob), For We Are Many, and So Many Worlds, all read by Ray Porter.

The Required Summary
As always, I will do my best to avoid any big spoilers.

Bob dies.
Hold on! Don’t lynch me! That’s a minor spoiler! It happens in the first few pages. It’s probably in the book’s description. Bob dies, just moments after signing up to have himself cryogenically frozen, then wakes up a hundred years later as a replicated computer intelligence. As it turns out, no cure was ever found for being hit by a car, so they scanned his brain into a computer and woke him up. His mission, should he choose to accept (and he can’t choose not to) is to explore new worlds in the galaxy and find habitable planets.
As Bob explores the galaxy, he struggles against other replicated space minds trying to kill him, and people who tried to control him, and aliens trying to… Kill everything.
Bob replicates himself, creating clones, which means all of the main characters are Bobs. Bob, Bob, Bob, and Bob all set off together to resolve all of humanity’s problems!
The series is written in first person with each chapter being from the perspective of one of the Bobs. Despite being clones, each Bob has a distinct personality (and thankfully they each take a new name upon creation), and they each have their own missions and outlooks. The series is so well written I felt emotionally attached to a pig-bat alien boy, got angry at a self-righteous religious leader, and cried for a red-head. I laughed at the antics of various Bobs, and feared for their well being.
The story is chock-full of aliens, strange planets, amazing concepts, technology, and emotion (good and bad ones). To put it simply, the series is fun and easy to get through. It’s a series you pick up and have trouble putting back down. I know I’m having trouble accepting that it’s over.

Ray Porter
Ray Porter read the series from beginning to end and he offered a good level of depth to the series. Even though the main characters were essentially all the same person and same voice, he managed to add inflections and tones to allow listeners to distinguish between which version of Bob was speaking.
I was actually interested in other books and series he read and managed to find a few other books and authors I found interesting. Ray Porter also reads Paradox Bound by Peter Clines, which lead me to the “Ex” series that I’m currently enjoying. The “Ex” series is not read by Porter (it has a full cast).
I would highly recommend the Bobiverse books to any fan of sci-fi, and would also recommend looking up Ray Porter on Audible







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