The site transfer is complete!

There were a few hiccups; mainly because i thought when I hit export that it would also export all of my media and theme information… But, I was wrong. When I imported the file all I received were the actual posts!

That’s fine though, since those are the most difficult to replace anyway (and I have no local back up because I am a fool.)

I rediscovered my theme thanks to my browser history! The few photos I had up were also on my Instagram so I just saved them and loaded them back up, then had to go through every post and reinstate the featured image.

But… I think everything is back in order.

Now; I did this on a Friday, which is when I normally post a new part of the EmVee… But, after some thought I’ve decided to end the EmVee where it is for now. I started it up LONG before it was ready to share. I literally had an idea, just a concept, and started writing it without any plan for where it was going.

This method has worked before, but I’m not sure where to go with EmVee right now. I’ll continue it when I figure it out. In the meantime, I’ll continue writing Zeds and The Ancient.

So, as usual when I transfer things, I am concerned about all my followers! I want to make sure I still have everyone on board? That my followers transfered with the site? So if I could get one or two to sound off in the comments and let me know I’m still showing up in the WordPress reader, I would appreciate it!


  1. You’re still in my reader but I couldn’t comment from reader without getting an error. Thought I’d let cha know.

    1. Thank you very much, someone! I will try and remedy this asap. I think I had the same issue last time I made a transfer and I just need to remember how I fixed it.

    1. Thank you very much, Chris! I think I fixed whatever issues I was having. Now I can get back to writing!

  2. You’re still in my reader but I couldn’t leave a comment in the app,only a like. I had to come to the web page to leave a comment. For context,I’m using the latest version of WordPress on Android. Afraid I can’t offer any help as to why this might be happening 🙁

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