Update: week 38

I’ve been neglecting my updates!

In fact, I haven’t updated once since transferring the site! I know I’ve been busy with the new job, working 6 days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day… But that’s no excuse! I should keep to my schedule.


Anyway, updates;

The most steady thing coming from this site right now are weekly updates on D&D campaigns I participate in.

Right now there are 2 active campaigns. I play the character Auryn in the Barovia campaign, and I DM for the Lochinvar Campaign.

You can click the D&D tab in the menu to skip over to there and read those.

Today I added pages for “locations of Lochinvar” where players and readers can find info on the various locations around the island… I also added the map they purchased from Cod’s General Goods in the coastal town of Mic.

While I’ve added general character overviews for the campaigns, I’m still working on a decent template for individual character profiles. Once I figure out the information I want to relay, and how to lay that info out, I’ll get started on those. For now, a sample profile can be found in the Northquest character page by clicking ‘view profile’ for Finnian Gainsboro.

I’d be posting links here instead of giving directions, but I’m posting from my phone, an hour past my bed time. Maybe I’ll remember to fix it in the morning.

Author: CJ Stark

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