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Lochinvar 09: Hungry? Why Wait? :: A recap of our Dungeons and Dragons session from September 17, 2020

New Pages:

Locations of Lochinvar :: A list of locations for the “Lochinvar” D&D Campaign


Map of Lochinvar :: A map of the Lochinvar Kingdom from the “Lochinvar” D&D Campaign


Finnian Gainsboro :: A test page for individual character profiles. A work in progress.


Characters of Northquest :: A quick look at the player characters of the upcoming pathfinder campaign, “Northquest 4”


Characters of Lochinvar :: A quick look at the player characters of the “Lochinvar” D&D campaign


Expect to see a new fantasy based series of short stories spring up soon. The “Lochinvar” campaign that I DM is an original creation based on a series I never got around to writing. The series was too big for me at the time and I never felt like I had the ability to write it. But, now that others have been actually living through the story (sort of), I can see the world and characters in a new light and depth. I feel ready for it now.


You can also expect to see my site expand on the Lochinvar campaign with more information coming. I expect to soon have individual character profiles for every PC in the campaign as well as a list of NPCs and… maybe a page to track magic items.