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Tossed Sallen and Scrambled Eggs :: A recap of our Dungeons and Dragon’s session from September 24, 2020. The title references a prank of poor taste made during the game that is not mentioned in the recap.

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Major NPCs of Lochinvar :: A quick look at the notable NPCs in the Lochinvar Campaign.

Minor NPCs of Lochinvar :: A quick look at the minor NPCs in the Lochinvar Campaign


NaNoWriMo is coming! I feel like there is no better time of year for me to get my new Fantasy story going; the one I mentioned last week regarding the original notes I used to create the Lochinvar Campaign for D&D.

I have been giving a lot of thought on how to tell this story, who to follow, what tense should be used, and whos perspective it should be from. I think I’ve concluded who the main character should be. Even though it is technically going to be about the Grey family, the story will be told from…

I’m over sharing.

Y’all gunna have to wait for me to write it.